Chinese Tiger Horoscope 2018 Characteristics And Forecast

The Year of The Brown Earth Dog will bring clarity for Tiger men and women. They will begin to see things in a new light. If the year of the Rooster (2017) was fairly positive for these people, then this lunar period will be even better. Tiger folk and Dog people are traditional allies in Chinese Astrology, both fine upstanding citizens and concerned with fair play, justice, high morals and values. Despite many fine qualities, these people often have a selfish streak and can be stubborn.

Overview Of Forecasting For Tiger Chinese Zodiac People

Chinese Tiger symbol imageThis year the Tiger will have a lot of support from family and friends. Communication will be free-flowing and individuals, for once, may not be quite so focused on their careers. They may be more humble and concerned with achieving a sensible work/life balance to reduce the stresses and strains of work and spend more time with loved ones.

There will be highs and lows, ups and downs but it is also a time for new beginnings and there could be some additions to the family. There will be much joy and happiness on the domestic front for Tigers despite minor disagreements and conflicts which are a normal part of family life. With a natural intelligence, willingness to compromise, gentle patience and wry sense of humour he will easily win people over to share his views.

Friendships which have lasted over long periods will be the ones the Tiger will know he can trust, although new friendships could be made which will also last the test of time.

If individuals are prepared to use tact and diplomacy, giving more thought to their words before they speak them, 2018 will bring them many gains and rewards both in their personal as well as their professional circumstances. This could be a very exciting and rewarding year.

Romantic Fortune

2018 could bring some unsettlement with it for individuals in romance, the Zodiac Tiger horoscope shows. Many could feel it’s time for a change within personal relationships. Without a doubt, it’s the right moment to talk openly and honestly to loved ones. Sexual temptations may turn the Tiger’s head but he will only stray if he is not satisfied in his current romance.

Females should dress in white and wear jade and crystal to attract a new mate. Males should wear black. There are likely to a lot of romantic encounters since individuals will make a conscious effort to hide their cynical and sarcastic side. Mates will be attracted by the kinder more sensitive Tigers. There may be a few challenges in finding a new love although it is entirely possible that males will get married this year. Many couples involved with people of this sign could move in together or get engaged.

Despite minor disagreements with partners, if Tiger individuals can keep the spark alive with a bit more spontaneity all will be well. If you are guilty of taking one another for granted, then it’s up to you to put things right and show one another how much you want to share your lives together and experience new things.

Professional Outlook

There will be definite progression for in career terms this year. 2018 will bring Tigers opportunities for advancement as well as additional income. They should be prepared to do some extensive research so they can make wise investments with the extra cash they will have in their pockets. There will be opportunities to travel and seniors will allow you to greater professional freedom so that you can work to your strengths.

Later on, things might be less agreeable. There could be some stresses and hurdles that will need all the Tiger’s tact and empathy to retain positive relationships with work colleagues and seniors. The key to success will be through good relationships although they might need to make some personal sacrifices to achieve them.

Tiger men and women will be drawn to humanitarian causes and are likely to be in great demand in this area. They may also need to be on their guard and watch for individuals who try to trick them or play games with them. To attract good luck in career, men and women should wear light brown, yellow, and orange when they are at work. By keeping a piece of jade or crystal in their place of work they may also draw in positive focus and greater concentration.

Fiscal Portents

When it comes to finances this will be a very prosperous year for men and women. There will be bonuses at work, profits made on investments and there is likely to be lots of free money available. If Tiger folk are wise, they will decide to save some of this money to make even better investments next year.

These people may become quite creative when it comes to making money during this cycle. However, their spending is likely to be impulsive and frivolous. If this trait can be curbed, these sign people will be extremely well off in the years that follow.

Wellbeing And Health

Men and would benefit from finding the right level of exercise during 2018. They need a balance between feeling completely drained and feeling they have had a good workout. Diet will be important to them, especially eating the right kinds of foods

For those Tiger’s who are prone to depression, they should stay clear of fatty foods which will upset them, but also stay away from Yin places like funerals and graveyards. Drinking peppermint tea is likely to be very beneficial for the digestive system and this will ease bloating and stomach aches. Keeping mentally stimulated as well as physically active will also be very important. Before attempting challenging physical exercise they should be sure to warm up their muscles properly.

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