Chinese Snake Horoscope 2018 Summary And Outlook

This is a year in Chinese horoscope astrology when Snake 2018 men and women will benefit from taking time out to focus on themselves. It is a good time to recharge batteries and consult with inner souls to know the right direction to go in. These folk may need to finish off things they have started in previous cycles. Whereas Snakes had a rough time in the year of the Goat ( 2015) and a tough time in the year of the Monkey (2016) the Snake will gain many benefits from the year of the Brown Earth Dog. 2018 could well bring them pay raises and promotions, also many career opportunities for personal growth and development.

2018 Outlook For Snake Chinese Zodiac People

Chinese Snake astro symbol pictureZodiac Snake folk are extremely likely to turn to their friends and work colleagues for help and support in this busy period. It is also an excellent time to make new friends and enjoy a hectic social life. The danger area for these men and women is that they might become so preoccupied with work that they could find it hard to make time for family. This is likely to cause niggles and minor irritations. It will be very important for folk to find time to relax and time spent with family is actually very important for them.

Men and women born under the sign of the Snake should not neglect loved ones. Despite hidden traits like cunning, and deceit, people can also be very determined, ambitious and wise.  There is much positivity around them, though it might be really difficult to juggle busy schedules to fit everything in. Retail therapy and travel are highlighted as being pleasant and enjoyable experiences for individuals this year.

There could be lots of fun and adventures for Snake men and women although they may need to be careful of what they say. Their words often get them into trouble. Important life-changing decisions could be made and these individuals are likely to improve their social lives and make a lot of new friends.

Discipline, loyalty and power of the mind are likely to be the strongest guiding factors for this sign this year. Snake folk could experience a rise in their self-confidence and in their self-esteem. They could also feel more emotional and act spontaneously. Romantic relationships are highlighted very favourably.


Partnerships are highly favoured in my 2018 Chinese horoscope and men and women should feel less confused and more confident in themselves and in the art of love-making. For those who are married or in long-term partnerships, there could a deeper level of commitment between you both, providing they resist the temptation to stray. Sexual relations can become more exciting and passionate for those who behave accordingly. Some folk could get married. It is an excellent time to conceive and make plans for the future.

For the singleton, if you want to attract new love into your life, women should wear black and men should wear white. This will help to facilitate a real sense of release from the negativity of the past. The individual male or female is likely to be quite determined in love this year when he or she meets the right person. What is more, he or she will know instinctively what they want and what they don’t according to the Chinese Zodiac snake horoscope for this cycle.

The Job

Chinese script for the Snake letterIn their career, these people are likely to benefit from their impulsive natures as well as their creative skills. They may act spontaneously guided by strong intuition. This will work very much in their favour. There will be deep satisfaction in work and good rewards for work well done. Some targets may be hard to meet, but the Snake can be shrewd as well as canny and he will find different ways to cope.

Some could change direction completely and embark on new careers. Bosses and seniors will be very impressed with their dedication to duty and their determination to succeed in this lunar period. They might hear their names being mentioned for high recommendations and rewards. There could be more responsibilities for Snake folk and more personal control. Work colleagues will be impressed by this enthusiasm and considerable ability to get the job done.

Money Matters

Finances are highlighted very positively this year. There will be enough money to cover all bills and outstanding debts with plenty left over to spare. There will be opportunities for investments and smooth business transactions. To attract more wealth put a piece of crystal on the north west side of your home.

It is entirely probable that these people will have saved up money in the past, therefore they will be able to enjoy spending some of it. Fun and frivolity are also highlighted in my financial Chinese horoscope for this sign. A luxurious item could give much pleasure and enjoyment to these people. There may be some impulsive spending too. Watch out for an unexpected expense which could appear in the summer months.

Although men and women will enjoy good health, they may also be subject to unwanted weight gain. They will be full of energy at the beginning of the year but this could dwindle as the 12 months move on. There are likely to be small bouts of depression and anxiety which could result in sleep deprivation.

Fitness Outlook

The Snake may be attracted by outdoor pursuits like orienteering and nature trekking. This will be very beneficial to his constitution. They should avoid over-strenuous routines and try not to over-eat. They should also be careful of consuming too many sugary products.

An educated look at their diet will do no harm since they may need to make some changes and eat more of the right kinds of foods and less of the junk foods. Snake men and women should avoid eating too many processed meals this year. They may cause themselves minor injuries and other aches and pains if they over-exercise.

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