Chinese Rooster Horoscope 2018 Personality And Character

The Year of the Brown Earth Dog 2018 in Chinese astrology could facilitate so many changes for Rooster men and women that, at times, it could all become somewhat confusing for them. On the bright side, there will be lots of people around to help folk cope with change and these proud, confident and intelligent people will be very glad of their assistance.

Insight For Rooster Chinese Zodiac Individuals

Chinese Rooster symbology imageThe pace of life is likely to be very hectic and you will be very busy. The Rooster may have to be more humble in this lunar new year cycle. There is a tendency in these people towards nervous disorders. Luckily family and friends will offer their loyal and unstinting support in the strains brought on by overly busy work schedule.

Life won’t be perfect for Rooster individuals, but that is not a bad thing. Providing they work hard and stayed focused there will be some excellent opportunities for them to take. They may need to keep a careful eye on their finances, for one thing otherwise there could be quite serious financial losses. This sign may find family members irritating and may have to restrain from being overly critical. Normally optimistic in outlook the Rooster may need to take a step back this horoscope year and focus on what is really important. In being highly critical of others, they will be unlikely to make any headway.

Domestic Situation

Rooster folk should be anxious not to upset their family, especially when they offer so much help, support and comfort. He may experience some setbacks his year but on balance will realise he has much to celebrate and be grateful for.


The Rooster Chinese Zodiac analysis indicates that In affairs of the heart, these men and women are likely to experience changes, mostly for the better. For those who are single, they are destined to meet a compatible other and for those who are engaged, they could easily get married. For the married and longer standing partnerships, there will be greater caring and sharing and your feelings will develop onto a higher emotional plane. It will be an endearing state of affairs to see the Rooster and his mate renewing their faith and love for each other.

Ladies should wear red to enhance their luck in the dating game and men should wear black. Many single folks could experience meeting someone new where the feelings are instant and ‘love at first sight’ happens. Certainly, there will be mutual butterflies and eager anticipation. Ladies are likely to be extremely successful in dating whereas the males may have to wait a bit longer before their luck turns good.

All personal relationships will change in some way and the Rooster will benefit profoundly in the longer term though he might not realise it in the shorter term. Horoscope 2018 indicators imply that this sign is likely to forge very strong bonds with family members but they may struggle to be respectful to older members. Communication will be key to maintaining harmonious family relationships with everyone.

If the Rooster gets upset by the smaller things in life he would be wise to speak up. It is a really good year for getting other folks to listen. These individuals will benefit from really listening to others too. Youngsters could make them angry but if they learn patience, things will resolve themselves in a more agreeable and quicker way.


Chinese Zodiac Rooster horoscope insight reveals that In the career of these people, the pace of work is likely to be slower than usual and there will be a lot of mundane and repetitive tasks to be done. Bosses will only notice Rooster folk who are friendly and personable at all times. He may get bored but he would be unwise to show this. Work will become more challenging as time passes.

As the year progresses, they could change their jobs or even relocate. To get a pay rise, they will need to speak up with eloquence and fight for their rights. Interpersonal relationships should be cultivated to help them succeed. Team work will be more important and the Rooster should avoid stepping on the toes of other folks. Greater collaborative skills will enhance the chances to achieve a promotion.

As new responsibilities are offered to Roosters they may need people to help solve problems and help them reach their targets. Standing still is not an option for these individuals and bosses will be impressed by the trustworthiness and professionalism they see.

Fiscal Matters

Chinese letter symbol for the Rooster or ChickenRooster folk will need to be patient with their finances. There could be some significant monetary gains for them through renting property, or even sub-letting it. They should be careful not to overspend on things they don’t really need.

If this sign is tempted to overspend, they should curb this tendency. They may need to scan all details to ensure they make very considered investments. If they wear green and yellow they may be able to attract more financial luck in.

Keeping a tight hold of the purse strings will enable Roosters to meet any unexpected or unplanned for expenditure this 12-month period. This could come through younger family members putting fiscal pressures on them.

Providing Roosters work strongly and plan scrupulously, conserving funs where appropriate all should be well. Those seeking to make money through business should make sure they have sufficient capital to make a deal viable.


Rooster horoscope 2018 charts show that men and women should have a really healthy year in 2018. They should take care they don’t overdo things in the gym or engage in too much exercise. The best to play things will be to behave with moderation.

Roosters tend to consider themselves most fulfilled when they are busy, so this is why exercise makes them feel good. There could be a few minor ailments to do with the digestive system so these folk would be wise to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables. Also getting sufficient sleep will be a must.

Overall their health and fitness diagnosis is extremely promising. They should also acknowledge that spending relaxing time with friends and family is actually very good for them.

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