Chinese Horse Horoscope 2018 Analysis And Qualities

The 2018 year of the brown earth Dog is destined to be a good, upbeat and very positive year for Horse people. It is destined to bring them plenty of luck in terms of more wealth and in career development. For those intelligent people, they will be able to achieve even greater heights in their careers if they embark on further study and adapt to the higher morals of this sign. This year Horse folk can really excel in whatever area they choose.

Forecast For Horse Chinese Zodiac People

Chinese Horse imageThe Rooster cycle (2017) brought unexpected problems for Horse individuals, and the Monkey cycle (2016) was confusing, but The Year of the Dog will be far much more beneficial. Horse folk enjoy being active and there will be lots of opportunities for activity this year. Men and women are likely to feel more energetic, especially at the beginning of the year when there will be lots of changes around them. Their energy levels may deplete as the cycle progresses, but then they will rise up again. They also enjoy all forms of communication and their symbol is one of the most robust in the Chinese Zodiac. It stands for security as well as continuity.

The Horse individual will enjoy spending time with friends and family and they will lean towards having more fun. Being sociable and charming folk, they will enjoy partying. They will also enjoy having more time to pursue their personal hobbies. Being chatty, and gregarious, they will enjoy the company of many friends. They get bored quite easily and they move quite quickly. They also love gossip which they process extremely quickly. This is a sign that can easily multitask.

The Home

The zodiac horse horoscope shows that on the domestic front, they may experience some minor disagreements and fallings out so they should not allow their emotions to hinder the way they behave or to influence their judgements. These differences can easily be sorted out and the family group will be harmonious once again. Younger individuals will know instinctively what to say to make things better almost immediately.

If things have been a bit ordinary and dull in the past, the year of the Brown Earth Dog will bring them excitement, both physically and emotionally. In relationships, it is set to be a fantastic year. There is no better time to make love and enjoy all the physical expressions of love. The Horse will feel quite lusty and passionate although his partner may feel in competition with the escalating career. It is a super year to conceive a child.


Communication in relationships is likely to be stimulating, interesting and invigorating. Many individuals could be in danger of stringing an old lover along while they pursue a new one. To be fair Horse folk should be prepared to cut ties with old partners before embarking on new relationships, otherwise, they could easily become embroiled in a love triangle which would have far-reaching and negative effects.

For the single Horse, it is an excellent year to meet a new and highly compatible partner. This will be someone you can share your innermost thoughts and desires with. Females should wear black to attract new love and Horse men should wear white. There will be much passion, sexual chemistry and much stimulation in love and romance. It is best to avoid one night stands after October.


Chinese letter symbol for the horseHorse zodiac people will be lucky in work though the pace might be a bit slow for them at first. They can be extremely creative and talented. By putting heart and soul into work, they will get themselves noticed and reap the rewards that come with this recognition.

Dedication to duty and focus as well as exceptional ability are all hallmarks of good employees in the cycle of the Brown Earth Dog. If you set up new business ventures, they will be successful and by widening work horizons this will also bring good luck in. Those who are aggressive could try their hand with stock market investments where they could do very well. This will be an extremely busy period on the work-front and the Horse will really relish the hubbub around him.

If work colleagues try to put up barriers to stop these men and women from succeeding, the best way forward will be through earning the approval and goodwill of seniors. All opposition should then disappear and both men and women are likely to feel increasingly energised as things go their way. The Horse is likely to have many admirers this year and this will help fuel his ambition further.


To draw in new wealth, Horse people should favour grey and gold. They should also wear brown. By putting a crystal in the north-west of their office they can also attract more wealth.

Finances will be relatively stable this year through careful management of money. It is a sound period for investments and it is a good time to make extra cash from hobbies. Although this zodiac sign is not very materialistic by nature, they will enjoy a few luxury items bought towards the end of the year.

There could be an increase in cash flow in the middle of the year and these people may think very carefully about how they manage their financial affairs. They would be advised to stay clear of loans and credit cards, even if there are good deals on offer.


When it comes to the health, the zodiac horse horoscope reveals that this will be a good time, apart from some small bruises and sprains. Mentally the Horse will be quite stable though physically he may sometimes feel a distinct lack of energy. It will be a bit up and down.

The Horse should avoid doing too much strenuous exercise and contact sports could cause him some hurt. He should pay close attention to his skin, eyes and his heart. Recreational sport may appeal most because they provide a good balance between mental and physical activities. They should eat plenty of fibre and other health-giving foods so they quicken up their metabolism. Getting too stressed can make illnesses worse.

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