Chinese Dragon Horoscope 2018 Qualities And Personalities

The Chinese Zodiac Dragon person will face an uneasy and unsettled time in 2018. The Year of the Brown Earth Dog will create much hard work, more responsibility and stress for these folk. It could be a difficult period since often there is a clash between the Dog and the Dragon in the Year of the Dog. There are likely to be risks, dangers and challenges as well as a limited opportunity for financial gain and/or windfalls. There could be an opportunity for changing jobs but this would involve a lot more work and not a great deal of monetary gain.

Forecasting For Dragon Chinese Zodiac Folk

Chinese Dragon symbolThe Zodiac Dragon horoscope charts show that this could be a year when these people should simply wait patiently and bide their time until it passes. It won’t offer them the opportunities they were blessed with in the year of The Rooster (2017) However, it is an excellent time to finish things off and complete projects started from some time ago.

Dragon folk could be in danger of feeling vulnerable if too many people make too many demands on their time. This could easily happen if they don’t manage their time wisely. They should focus on their own needs this cycle. Someone close to them (whether friend, family member or even work-colleague) will be extremely loyal and offer a helping hand.

The work place could carry a feeling of uncertainty with it this year so Dragon folk would be wise to lay low and watch what happens. The family group will also be extremely important. This sign will be happiest if he keeps himself socially active and spends a lot of time with friends and family.

The female will enjoy shopping trips, browsing and short breaks away. Although 2018 is not especially favourable to these individuals, it will be less painful than the year of the Goat (2015) for them and it will allow some time for some personal relaxation which they very much need.

Dragon folk have a tendency to drive themselves very hard and they should take care to try and achieve a sensible work/life balance. Some important life changing decisions could be made which could have lasting effects in the future.

Relationships And Friendships

In social situations, these men and women are likely to feel a rise in their self-esteem and in their self-confidence. They are more likely to be ready to talk through problems, no matter how big or small. By listening carefully to others should help to eliminate minor irritations. They could also make others respect them more. Luck will come in small portions, such as this lunar cycle dictates that it should.

Dragon 2018 analysis shows that, in love, the Dragon will be likely to attract in a new soul-mate. However, they should learn to be a bit selective before jumping in head first. They may need to socialize more and join groups of people in activities they enjoy. Females should wear green to attract new people in and males should wear black. It is an extremely promising year for relationships and those who are thinking of marriage could walk up the aisle in the spring and summer months.

For those in established partnerships, there may be a few temptations around which could cause problems. What might seem like a bit of fun could actually result in a lot of damage. People of this Zodiac sign are not usually happy with short impulsive relationships, they prefer to have a steady partner. However, in this 12-month period, Dragon folk could easily succumb to inappropriate behaviour that could wreak havoc with relationships. They may succumb to a sexual advance which could devastate their personal lives.

Professional Outlook

There could be problems in work situations this year, with conflicts and hurdles to overcome. There may be difficulties in relationships with co-workers and seniors. The Dragon will need to keep a clear head to deal with everything. Speaking out of turn and/or inappropriately could be where they will need to focus to keep out of trouble. They may find they need to think very deeply in order to cope with unsettling circumstances.

2018 will mean hard work for these individuals with total engagement and focus the Chinese Dragon horoscope 2018 shows. There are unlikely to be huge financial rewards but there may be some limited recognition for what has been achieved. If the Dragon is positive he will be excited by the stimulation the year brings with it. He will certainly not be bored. There could be additional responsibilities for these people in their work during this time. These, they will take on board without too many problems.

Wealth Accumulation

Dragon folk are likely to enjoy spending money on people they care about. They may need to consciously resist urges to spend on impulse although it is likely they will be able to enjoy the money they have already saved up in the past. There is the possibility of a big loss. To increase luck with money this year, these individuals should put a cup of water in their bedrooms.

They are usually very sensible with money and able to manage it well. They are unlikely not to have sufficient money to pay all bills and outstanding debts. There is unlikely to be a big influx of money, rather a steady trickle.

Fitness Matters

These men and women are likely to feel fit and quite strong and healthy this year. They may be attracted to walking, sky diving, rock climbing and nature treks. Joining in with a group sport will lift their mood and actually be very beneficial for them. They should be advised not to overdo things otherwise by over-exercising they could be left with more aches and pains as well as pulled and strained muscles.

The Dragon person could be susceptible to a weak stomach and chest this year. They should choose food carefully and avoid over-eating. Meditation could make them feel calmer.

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