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This is destined to be a very happy, cheery, joyful and social year where zodiac Dog people will be required to entertain lots of different groups. From my horoscope, I do foresee many parties and family get-togethers as well as social gatherings relating to work colleagues and events. There could also be reunions with friends from the past. These individuals are likely to be at their most gregarious and jovial in the year of the Earth Pig. Others may be drawn to these men and women this year for their high spirits, friendliness, likability and congeniality.

There is much to be recommended for spending some quality time with family and Dog folk may find that younger people provide a much-needed stimulant for them. Young people are likely to be drawn to these men and women for their ability to charm them and entertain them for endless hours of fun and games. people of this sign are likely to be extremely patient and understanding with youngsters. The female Dogs may feel particularly compassionate and even broody this year, being drawn to the smell and softness of newborn babies.

The Dog In The Year Of The Pig

There is likely to be a meeting of friends or colleagues and associates from past years and these individuals could be involved in reunions. This could bring up sentiments from the past which Dog folk may relive in some way. This sign may become reflective and emotional when reminded of a past love.

Many of this sign could work from home this year which will allow their social lives to flourish more than if they are tied to office hours. The year of the Earth Pig could bring them the chance to be involved in renovation and projects in the home. Many will feel the need to improve their surroundings and buy beautiful objects to decorate them with. These people can be particularly discerning and are likely to choose some very appealing items which others will admire.

For the married folk, there is likely to be little change in the status quo this zodiac year. These men and women are generally loyal friends and make good, trustworthy companions. They are not seeking changes and for that reason, there are unlikely to be any major upheavals in established relationships. The usual little niggles will be prevalent, especially in the spring and summer months, but nothing too serious. In fact, there is much togetherness indicated in my Chinese dog horoscope 2019 findings. Sharing, kindness and happiness are indicated in my astrological chart for .

For the single Dog, there could be some lovely romantic encounters, but nothing that is likely to lead to a permanent romance. Single Females may be a bit unrealistic in their expectations of romances. They should not try too hard this year. They are destined to find a soul-mate one day but not in 2019.

For those who have grandchildren, there could be some strains and stresses in these family relationships. The Dogs will have to use their wisdom to stabilise and restore peace and harmony within the family circle. They are especially skilled in winning people over through listening to their problems and concerns. No one can be more understanding, tolerant, thoughtful, considerate and empathetic than this sign.

In work, the Dog is likely to prosper and earn well. Those in teaching and marketing should be especially successful. Advertising, lecturing and writing could prove to be the most successful occupations this year. These folk are likely to excel in media as well and they will instinctively know how to create the right impressions. Many will be impressed by their skills of organisation and others will learn from people of this zodiac sign this year.

Finances should be settled and Dog folk should not have to worry about making ends meet. There could be a good return from investments and rich rewards in employment through hard work and endeavour. This is an ideal time to buy luxury goods for the home and spend money. It is also an excellent time to pay off any outstanding debts and settle financial worries once and for all.

The Dog could feel a little unwell in the spring months. It is unlikely to be anything serious. It may be due to hard work and the pressures of working life. Family and friends are likely to rally round and offer help and support.

Final Thoughts

Those who are getting on in years may become conscious of their need for more rest and relaxation. Many of these individuals could experiment with diet, herbal supplements and vitamins. Walking is a good activity for these people and getting plenty of fresh air with enough sleep. These men and women may feel the need to get away from things for a while in the late summer and early autumn months. From my Chinese Dog horoscope 2019 charts, I recommend a short break in the mountains.

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