Chinese Pig Horoscope 2018 Boar Study And Summary

For 2018 Pig (also known as Boar) men and women, the Year of the Brown Earth Dog is forecast as a time where they will feel most comfortable just being themselves. They will have many opportunities to make this an extremely good Chinese horoscope period for themselves, or if they make bad choices, an extremely bad year. They may be inclined to make changes in their own lives, which is why their luck will change accordingly. If they make bad changes, then bad luck is likely to follow. The same is true if they make wise changes. Pig people are generally described as being courageous, friendly, sincere and loving folk. They can also be laid back and in 2018, they might need to shape up their ideas.

Star Sign Analysis For Pig (Boar) Individuals

Pig zodiac symbol (Chinese)Emotions may run high, especially within their family groups and close friendship circle. There could be disagreements and minor disturbances which the Pig may struggle to solve through giving his advice. This might be the best time simply to stand back and say nothing unless specifically asked to do so. Pig men and women could need to exercise caution when attempting to be the peacemaker since this year, their strategies may not work. However, they can learn a great deal through observing and listening.

Simply by being there, these people can make a big difference in family squabbles. They may not need to make any contribution other than being present and providing a willing ear if required. In this way, the Pig is likely to gain more respect from others.

Romantic Anticipation

This lunar cycle will be full of opportunities, especially for the single ladies, the Chinese love horoscope portents suggest. For single men, they may have to try a bit harder. Ladies should wear red and yellow to attract new love and men could wear some red accessories to enhance their luck in the romantic stakes. Where the ladies will have many suitors chasing after them, the males may have to make more of an effort. Ladies might have strong urges to get pregnant this year, but they would be wise not to rush in too hastily, especially when relationships are relatively short-lived.

This 12-month spell is likely to be about caring and sharing, but it is also about breaking up and making up. Even the most committed person could be tempted to stray, however, he would be very silly to indulge in anything more than a casual flirtation. Those wanting to try for a baby will be very lucky. These folk could make their own wishes and dreams come true in their love lives this year and without a doubt, there will be changes and differences for them. These people may experience others trying to pry into their private lives this year. It would be advisable for them to cut off ties with anyone who is too inquisitive.

Passions could be highly aroused this year in the love-life of these folk and based on good communication, 2018 could prove very enjoyable and beneficial. By deepening their understanding of partnerships Pig people will become more comfortable just being themselves. They will not have to work so hard in trying to do the right things. They should try to avoid being too sentimental or soppy the Chinese pig horoscope 2018 analysis suggests!

Workplace Outlook

Chinese scripture letter forthe Pig (Boar)In employment, this sign will have a much easier workload than last year. He is less likely to become stressed out. As the 12-month cycle moves on, there could be more responsibilities and the long term outlook for their employment seems very positive indeed. Keeping optimistic will be very helpful to career development. By maintaining friendly terms with everyone the Pig will be unlikely to have any enemies to oppose him.

People who matter will have already noted the Pig’s contribution and they could be instrumental in giving this sign a hand up. To get ahead there could be a major change in a role but it won’t be a problem since his energy levels are high and he will be able to match the demands made on him.

Male friends could be particularly helpful to Pig men and women in work but they should also beware of others who want to take away what they already have.These folk should try to dismiss any bad gossip they hear and ignore minor annoyances with co-workers.

Financial Thoughts

To attract new wealth the Pig person should put a plant in his office. Pigs ‘financial luck will be very average and there won’t be a lot of profits to come from investments. The best bet is to continue to save for a rainy day and avoid borrowing any more money. By wearing pink, and burgundy red this zodiac sign can help to attract more wealth into his life.

This sign might need to manage his money quite carefully and avoid spending in dribs and drabs. Only towards the end of the year can he indulge himself when he will have saved up a significant amount of cash to buy a large luxury item, perhaps a new home or a new car, or both.

The Chinese Zodiac Pig should agree to take on more hours at work if offered them as well as any opportunities to make more money.

Keeping Healthy And Well

This zodiac animal sign will be blessed with good health in the year of the Dog and he can continue this by eating sensibly and by getting enough exercise and also enough sleep. He could get tired from time to time, but he can help himself by taking time out to relax.

If this person focuses on his physical needs his mental health will remain strong. This year would be an excellent time to focus on a favourite hobby, or any creative and artistic skills the Pig is blessed with. He will gain much rejuvenation from spending time in this way when he is not absorbed by work-related affairs.

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