Chinese Dragon Years

The Chinese Dragon Sign And The Related Years

This is a Chinese zodiac sign that is 5th in a 12-year cycle. The Years associated with this sign are 1916, 1928, 1940. 1952. 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024 and so on. The Dragon is a sign that is accompanied by a high reputation in Chinese culture. The people of China think of themselves as the descendants of this dragon and in ancient China, this creature was believed to fly through the skies with power that was truly divine.

The sign is associated with a token relating to capacity, authority, luck, success, honour and dignity. The Emperors gave themselves the exclusive entitlement of the “Dragon.”

The Years Of The Chinese Dragon

•23 February 1928 up to February 9 1929

•9 February 1940 up to 26 January 1941

•27 January 1952 up to 13 February 1965

•13 February 1964 up to 1 February 1965

•31 January 1976 up to 17 February 1977

•17 February 1988 up to 5 February 1989

•5 February 2000 up to 23 January 2001

•23 January 2012 up to 9 February 2013

The Lucky signs for individuals that are born into this year include:

•Lucky Colours: hoary, silver and gold

•Lucky Numbers: 7, 6 and 1

•Lucky Directions: north-west, north and west

•Lucky Flowers: hyacinth, larkspur, bleeding-heart vine


People who are born under this are typically excitable, intellectual and lively. They are also usually the type of people that are able to clearly distinguish between wrong and right they are also frank and upright. In some instances, these types of people can be impatient and somewhat arrogant at times. The female can be viewed as overly confident. They typically despise slander, gossip and hypocrisy. They are also not scared of any difficulties but detest being controlled or used by others.

Fortune In 2016 And 2017

During the year 2016, everything will be better for those born under this sign. In wealth and career, these people will be offered with the opportunities to use their talents in regards to work related opportunities. The fortune in their interpersonal relationships will also be favourable. In 2017 the overall luck is compared to the year before. This will mean people born under the sign will not find it difficult task to locate development opportunities when it comes to money and work factors. It is also stated that the majority of the Dragon signs which include both male and female will also be able to gain a harmonious and stable love life. The one warning sign for this period of time is that these people should be paying attention to their health.

These people show specific characteristics according to the years of different births that are associated with the Chinese traditional Five Elements. These include the: Water Dragon, Metal Dragon, Earth Dragon, Fire Dragon and Wood Dragon. Each of these types is associated with different personality traits.

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