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For Tiger folk, the year of the Earth Pig will bring much happiness, joy and contentment on a personal level. It is an exceptional one for those interested in religion, music and art. These people are likely to be highly creative, original and imaginative in thee spheres showing off their very special and unique talents. They will show resourcefulness this year and will also impress others with their ingenious and innovative ideas. There are many opportunities for growth on a deeply personal level and it is an excellent year for making new friendships. The Tiger is likely to exhibit a strong personal magnetism this year and people will love his dry sense of humour.

These men and women will make lots of new friends and acquaintances in 2019 which will please him greatly. His life is likely to be much more predictable and stable than it has been in the past. He will be surrounded by much social activity and is destined to accept many personal invitations. He will be popular and much admired. He will be well-liked and accepted in all social and professional circles.

Men And Women In Lunar 2019

There may be some tricky issues on the domestic front but this zodiac sign will be more inclined to take an interest in family affairs this year than in previous years. He will also try to sort things out fairly and justly engaging particularly well with the younger (and sometimes more difficult) members of the family group. His family will look to him for support and he will be more than ready to give it.

2019 will herald a new phase and he will be keen to extend his family in some way, either by having more children or by fostering or adopting them. Females could be very broody this year and are likely to be even more fertile than usual.

The marriage could be facing some troubled and dark times. Part of the problem is to do with lack of communication. If honest exchanges take place and channels are allowed to open up things will be okay. The Tiger should avoid his tendency to be secretive and cunning the Chinese Tiger horoscope 2019 charts strongly suggest.

This person is most likely to be interested in friendships rather than romances and if he does seek out a partner, he will be more than likely to find one through friendship groups. A strong friendship could be the basis of a future very happy romantic union.

These people could consider self-employment this year. They will continue to be dedicated and conscientious employees. For those who are already established in their place of work, there could be some good news and possibly a promotion. They may be impressed by the potential salary increase and will be more determined than ever to work hard.

For those who are finding difficulty accepting authority figures, there are likely to be troubled times ahead. These individuals should try not to become so irritated and annoyed by others that they are detracted from their own course of action. They may need to develop more self-discipline and learn diplomacy.

This year is likely to find these folk keen to do the right things in order to get ahead. The Tiger will be governed by personal ambitions and may think of many new ways to present himself. Even those who are not especially prosperous will dress well and buy expensive looking accessories so they appear successful and well-to-do.

This sign could experience fluctuations in personal income. They may toy with the idea of taking out loans or refinancing themselves in some way. It may be necessary to budget and re-budget several times. They should beware of impulse buying. Their destiny will be very much in their own hands although intuition will be strong and they should be guided by it. There could be some positive news coming regarding tax and/or insurance. These people may also benefit from a small inheritance that comes to them out of the blue.

Concluding Outlook

The health of the Tiger should be quite good this year. He may be interested in taking preventative measures and will be keen to take sufficient exercise in order to maintain good health. This sign could experience tiredness this year. Fatigue is likely to make an impact on them, especially after the summer months when weaknesses could manifest themselves around the spine, knees and teeth areas. They should ensure they get enough calcium in their diets and may choose to take additional supplements or drink more milk.

They should not overdo things and may need to look to their diets avoiding processed foods and spicy foods to aid good digestion. They could also increase their vegetable intake and I would recommend Reiki healing and the laying on of hands for Tiger people in 2019 to maintain optimum good health.

Astrologer George Tang

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