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Rooster people can look forward to a lovely year spent with friends (new and old) and family. For the single person, there could be the talk of settling down into a more permanent relationship or even marriage and there are likely to be many additions to the family group, either through the birth of children, grandchildren or even great-grandchildren.

2019 will bring many joys and benefits to those born under this zodiac sign. This sign may need to be careful with his diet since he will be enjoying many parties and celebrations. He should ensure he does not over-eat or drink too much.

Life will be pleasant and satisfying for these people in the year of the Earth Pig. New friends will be made and those who are thinking of setting up a new home will enjoy the excitement and expectation involved in renovations, re-decorating and everything connected with doing up a new home. Some Roosters may be thinking into the future and be considering rental markets in order to make money. This is to be commended, although they may need some financial support in this venture.

People In The Year 2019

In the family, there could be some distance between parents or older members. This may cause some emotional distress. These people are likely to focus very much on domestic issues as the year draws to a close. They will be considerate and kind to their elders.

In love, these men and women can look forward to much luck and good fortune. Romance is strongly indicated and there could be travel connected with it. Many folks could find themselves in a relationship with people who live in different countries. There could be different nationalities involved as well. Some could leave their homeland to live abroad, my Chinese Rooster horoscope 2019 chart analysis suggests.

Relationships will be a very important focus and there could be breakups and divorces as well as marriages. There may be endings in friendship groups in favour of newer friendship groups. My astrological chart suggests highs and lows, for the Rooster as well as disappointments and celebrations. It’s a bit of a mixed bag, but the end results are positive and this sign will gain much-needed clarity on personal situations that may be troublesome.

Those who find love could find it suddenly and unexpectedly. These individuals may not be looking for love in 2019. For those who have been married a long time, there may be some counselling needed in order to maintain stability and harmony.

In a career, the Rooster will excel and gain in salary and self-esteem. This is a time when self-confidence will receive a much need boost and many may decide to study and attend night school, in order to extend their skill-set and improve their knowledge. 2019 will bring many golden opportunities to lay solid foundations for the future. These will come to fruition in future years once good foundations are laid. In the short-term, there may be a change of office or a spell in working from home. These people may be required to travel longer distances in connection with their jobs. For those who are unemployed, new jobs are likely to be secured in the early spring months.

Rooster folk will enjoy earning more money and are likely to be attracted by the good things in life. They will be especially drawn to high-end luxury items and expensive personal accessories and trappings. Many may consider a change of vehicle this year. They will be attracted to sporty vehicles.

There could be jealousy of these people in the workplace and there may be some back-biting going on. The Roosters need not worry since they are destined for better and higher office in the future.

Financial affairs are highlighted positively for this sign in 2019. There could be valuable possessions in the household which may need investigation. In general, money is likely to come from a lot of different and unexpected sources.

The Rooster could easily be in the process of closing a lucrative deal or maybe be put in charge of a project that will bring high monetary rewards. They should take care not to overspend, although this year, they will be lucky providing they don’t waste money or turn a deaf ear to well-meaning financial advice.

Concluding Paragraphs

If the Rooster has health concerns, they will be small. The sign needs to watch his weight and avoid faddy diets. Rather he should ensure he is taking enough exercise and eating a sensible diet.

These folk may head down a spiritual path in 2019. They will seek to be healthy in their emotional lives as well as their physical lives. They are canny enough to realise that a sensible work/life balance is what is required to ensure tip-top health. Rooster men and women should ensure they get sufficient sleep.

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