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Rat people can expect a year of entirely selfish perspective where their focus will be mainly on themselves. The year of The Earth Pig will enable these folk to forge a more power-driven course. Although this is quite an egotistical route to take, this sign will feel driven and unable to even contemplate another passage. Others will be unable to deter these people in this pathway, though many could try. This sign should try not to be so focused on himself that he neglects the necessities of his family and close friends. He may find people need his wisdom and even his practical help.

This is a naturally intuitive zodiac sign and will instinctively know if he has been too out of touch with folk that hold him in high regard. It will be in his interests not to cut himself off completely from family members and close friends. The Rat may need reminding of this by close friends who can see the potential rift forming.

Individuals During The Year 2019

In social circles, this sign is likely to build up a whole new network of friends. He will love this and relish the many social interactions that become possible because of it. His quick wit and engaging sense of humour will attract people naturally towards him. He should be warned not to take advantage of some that follow him. He may want to pursue those who are less willing, but the thrill will be in the chase, not in the prize.

These folk could move house this year and will be grateful to others who help and assist in making this process smooth-running.  There could be complications with the moving process that others can help this person evade. He should be grateful to knowledgeable friends. These men and women are naturally charming and witty which mean they find it easy to make new friends, even if this is entirely on a superficial level.

In relationships, there is likely to be a new and exciting growth period in 2019, my Chinese Rat horoscope 2019 insight reveals. This sign could meet highly compatible and interesting people and will feel immediately at home with them. I foresee many choices and lots of opportunities if looking for romance.

The Rat is likely to have the spare time to indulge his personal needs. If he has felt restless and unsettled, then 2019 will bring him much needed calm and stability. He will feel less anxious and more ready to take relationships seriously. The single person is likely to make many new friends. One of these friendships could develop into a romantic relationship. They should be sure that this doesn’t happen too quickly. Getting to know a person really well first before embarking on a passionate love affair is the way to build a solid foundation and make a relationship long-lasting. The rat is inclined to get bored very easily, but his new companion will keep his interest and provide the stimulation he needs.

If they seek out new friendships, They will be the pursuer and the one who does the chasing in the early stages.

The Rat will thrive in the workplace in 2019. An opportunity will come along which is one this sign has been waiting for. Good luck and good prospects will come in 2019. He is naturally ambitious and the social status he has been craving will be his. His salary will also go up and although he may require more training, he will make good progress in his career from September onwards. He may be drawn to more study and will be keen to extend his skill set.

It is likely Rat folk will benefit from major career successes this year. There will certainly be more recognition and more rewards for work that has been done. This will spur these people on to achieve more and more. Others may envy their successes and they could experience jealousy in the workplace. They will probably try to shrug this off and pretend to be unaffected by it. This may not be entirely the case.

The Rat will be financially secure in 2019. He will have plenty of money to spend and could take a serious look at investing in property. He may be inclined towards real estate, hotels and restaurant. He should take financial advice before he signs anything. He should use his critical analysis to detect any future problems that could be encountered.

If he has debts, this zodiac sign will easily pay them off in 2019. They will be in a comfortable financial position and could benefit from an unexpected inheritance.

The health of the Rat could be compromised in some way this year. He may experience digestive problems and might explore new diets. He should beware of faddy diets and may have to consult a medical practitioner to determine the best course forward.

Final Thoughts

He might be attracted towards detoxification programmes. He should be wary of too much self-experimentation without knowing what he is really doing.

If the Rat plays sports, he should be careful of straining his leg muscles, particularly his upper thigh muscles.

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