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Pig Chinese Horoscope Study For Lunar Year 2019

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This will be an exciting and stimulating year for Pig folk. Their strong drive and determination to succeed will derive largely from the influences of the year of the Earth Pig. There is much originality, creativity and resourcefulness surrounding them this year and indications in my astrological charts suggest they will be extremely disciplined in whatever they choose to do. Family and friends are likely to be hugely supportive of them and their vision for the future.

Travel and many pleasurable activities surround men and women this year and for those who are interested in spiritual matters, they could meet a highly compatible other whose pathway is destined to cross theirs for reasons of mystical importance. This relationship is likely to become very significant in their lives and these folk could undergo some sort of deep spiritual awakening. Many Pig folk could ask answers in religion and/or visit religious buildings.

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Those who work with children should be highly successful in leading them into new areas of learning and encouraging their skills in high-tech subjects, computing, art, maths and science. These folk will be extremely knowledgeable this year based largely upon their own personal experiences. They will be very disciplined in whatever area they choose to work in. There will be little time that is either wasted or not put to good use. Pig folk are likely to engage in some sort of research which will be recognised as very useful to many.

Pig people are likely to stick with established personal relationships although they could make many new friendships in 2019.  They are usually resistant to change and they are happiest when in established relationships that do not cause them grief. I foresee good communication and many happy celebrations in relationships. There could be a special friendship that later develops into a romantic one for the single individual, although patience may be needed for this to happen. There could be additions to the family group through marriage or babies being born.

Work opportunities are very promising indeed and many Pig people may leave their jobs in the late summer months and embark on new and exciting careers. The new jobs may involve training and/or retraining. This zodiac sign will relish the new opportunities that arrive for them. Many will have been stuck in a rut for some time. 2019 is a year of opportunity and change on a big scale for Pig folk.

My astrological findings suggest that Pig people are likely to be earning very good money although something may need to be replaced if it is used on a regular basis. This could mean a laptop or even a whole computer system if they work for a large organisation. They could be called upon to research new equipment and report back with their findings. Whatever these people say will be taken notice of, according to my Chinese Pig horoscope 2019 study.

Pig folk will be dynamic, self-motivated, energetic and vibrant in the workplace and they will be sought out by others for their experience and knowledge. Seniors are likely to admire them for their motivation, dedication and drive. There are long hours of work ahead for but their commitment to the task will be well rewarded and they will earn much respect from colleagues. Pigs are likely to be very happy in their employment this year, partly because others will show them respect and enable them to express themselves freely. Their dedication in work could be highlighted and celebrated in some way and they will grow in self-esteem and self-confidence.

people born under this zodiac sign are likely to make very careful financial investments in the year of the Earth Pig and they may even invest in themselves and in their own personal training. All the money they earn will be put to good and thoughtful use. There is likely to be very little squandering or waste. They will budget thoughtfully and carefully, never over-spending and certainly not spending on impulse. Great attention to small details will be placed on any contracts signed. No one can take them for a fool this year. All debts are likely to be paid off and settled.

Little money is likely to be spent on themselves. Pig people are likely to grow their money this year through making good choices and putting money into very carefully selected growth funds. Those who choose to invest in high-tech companies could do extremely well.

If these men and women feel unwell in 2019 it could be to do with chest problems and weight problems. They should also take good care of their sexual organs.

More exercise will certainly help as will careful monitoring of weight loss. For those who enjoy junk foods, 2019 is a year when you are most likely to make better and improved choices in diet. Many could enjoy team sports and use natural or drugless therapies. They may take advice in alternative health remedies.

Concluding Comments

Despite a few minor health niggles, Pig people should generally enjoy good health providing they take enough time out to relax and rest. Getting enough sleep will be important to them.

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