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Chinese Horoscope Chart Summary For Ox People

Ox Bullock symbol 2019

Symbal of the Oxen

For those born under the sign of the Ox, the Year of the Earth Pig will bring many tests and tribulations, the Ox horoscope shows. Naturally ambitious by nature, these folk are likely to set themselves ambitious personal goals and woe betide anyone who tries to prevent them from achieving these goals. This sign should be realistic about what he or she wants, however, since they could make themselves ill through worry over things they can’t hope to achieve.

Older folk connected with this zodiac sign may be called upon for help, advice and support. The Ox should not be so focused and independent that he fails to accept any assistance and/or instruction from his elders. They may also be helpful with much-needed encouragement this year. This person might find enjoyment in discourse with knowledgeable older people on many subjects.

In love, these people could be lucky in 2019. Work is an excellent place to meet new and highly compatible others, although they may need to end an existing relationship before embarking on a new one. They could find this difficult at first, but once they have made the decision, they will move quickly. August, September and October are the best times for love to develop and flourish.

Ox Men And Women In The Year Of The Pig

There are likely to be lots of invitations to social events and parties. Despite the whirl of activities the Ox may be thinking of marriage and making more permanent changes to his love life. He should not dwell on so much that he becomes depressed, but enjoy what life has to offer him and could be pleasantly surprised.

2019 will encourage these individuals to be more outgoing and less introspective. He is also likely to be less cautious and guarded. As a result of this, his personality will appear brighter and more entertaining. This sign will become a more attractive character altogether this year, less serious and introspective. His newer and fresher energy will draw others towards him and he will be happy joining in many group activities. They should also become more humorous and witty. Others will enjoy being in their company, my Chinese Ox horoscope 2019 charts suggest.

For the man or women who is already married, this will be a good year and you and your partner are likely to spend happy times, travelling, visiting new places and communicating on a deeper and more spiritual level.

In employment, this sign is about to have a steady year where he will work very hard. Those looking for a job are most likely to find one in January or February. There could be a higher position and a raise in salary in the autumn months.

The Ox will be at his most ambitious in 2019 and may consider some additional training. He is likely to be fixated on an educational course. There could be rich gains for him in computing and marketing. As a student, there will be a total dedication to studies and they will not veer off this course. A stubborn streak may show and they could be difficult to deal with if anyone tries to sway them from their focus.

By 2020 the career will really take off and he will be exceedingly happy with the pay raises and promotions that come his way. Many people could be involved in work to do with the government. He will be a highly responsible and trusted employee. For those in managerial roles, there could be additional responsibilities connected with a higher status.

This year could be full of ups and downs where money is concerned. Folk should beware of joint financial ventures and stick to their own economic course. If borrowing money, the Ox should make certain he can afford the repayments. He could make good investments in the August/ September months.

He is likely to invest well in the oil and shipping industries.

Pharmaceuticals could also be profitable for him. The Ox would be wise to take financial advice before he agrees to anything. He should also carry out his own research first and be wary of anything that looks too good to be true.

As the year moves on his cash flow will improve and if there has been any instability, his monetary affairs will improve greatly. He should avoid spending money on impulse and might need to re-budget in 2019.

2019 will bring reasonable health although he may be troubled by stomach disorders. He should watch what he eats and could benefit from some dietary advice. He may need to cut down on dairy products particularly.

Final Thoughts

This zodiac sign could feel stressed by work and be inclined to try different therapies. They could get frustrated by some therapies that appear to work for one week and then fail the next. Professional advice would be beneficial in this area.

The Ox may find the nervous system and lungs could also prove problematic this year. If particularly nervous, talking to people may help to settle some of the anxieties

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