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Chinese Star Sign Interpretation For Monkey People

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The Year of the Earth Pig will bring much focus on family and friendships for Monkey people. There are likely to be many happy, joyous events this year and lots of social gatherings and get-togethers. Communication is key and the lunar year 2019 will loosen up their tongues. When speaking, they will be eloquent, articulate, knowledgeable, humorous and fun. Others will delight in their entertaining company, my Chinese Monkey horoscope 2019 portents reveal.

This astrological chart is centred on people and being part of a team or group where clarity and coherence are needed. It will also mean these folk will be dealing with clients and supporting family at home at the same time. Children and domestic routines are likely to be a priority and these people will rely heavily on their intuitive powers to make the right decisions at the right times. No one is likely to be more expressive, convincing and lucid than Monkey men and women this year.

Monkey Individuals In The Pig Year 2019

Meeting new people will be one of the major focuses in 2019. There could be many younger people who will also have a big impact on them. Monkey people may feel drawn or attracted to youngsters so they can enable them to fulfil their dreams and ambitions too. They are likely to influence others and sway opinions. They will find it easy to be around others who are more vulnerable and impressionable.

In love, those born under this zodiac sign may find themselves attracted to people much younger than them in years. They may also find their enthusiasm for life and love reaches a high point in the autumn months. They could experience an infatuation which they may need to rationalise in order to release themselves from it. It could be connected with the Monkey’s leaning towards immature or juvenile thinking and behaviour. These people may feel protective towards youngsters who may be gullible and easily influenced.

2019 will bring much happiness and many of this sign are likely to feel they are ready for marriage. Their focus may become spiritual and those who are religious could seek spiritual guidance in such matters. This religious leadership could be a strong and significant influence on their thinking. There could also be a very strong physical attraction which will feed a union between two soul-mates. Monkey people are likely to become very devout in their thinking this year and in tune with their senses.

Money is likely to become a priority this year. Those who are married will be heavily preoccupied with cash, making ends meet, budgeting carefully, and either spending it wisely or saving it religiously. The key to successful partnerships, where money is concerned, will be a degree of compromise. The single man or woman may feel like spending lavishly, but those in partnerships will be wiser and listen to their caution. There could be some arguments about whether to spend or save.

Monkey folk are likely to be very successful this year in whatever new venture they try. They will feel able to achieve great things from the influences brought in 2019. There will be less stress and anxiety to do with employment and the men and women born under this sign will thrive by impressing seniors with their acumen and success. No one will be more capable or far-seeing in 2019. These people will get opportunities to show off his skill-set. There could be advancement and promotion with minimum effort which will please the Monkey. The highest successes for them are likely to come around the late summer months when their efficiency and adeptness will be celebrated in whatever field they choose to operate in.

Money will be relatively free-flowing this year and there will be lots of opportunities for good investments. Monkey folk may be attracted to investing in gold and energy companies. Monkey folk are naturally generous and will spend freely. There is likely to be much entertaining, socialising and parties where men and women born under this sign will be generous and gregarious hosts and hostesses. They could give the impression that they are open-handed and that they have substantial wealth.


Monkey folk may have a few minor health niggles to do with their breathing. There could be bronchial infections caused by changes in the weather or climate. If this sign suffers from asthmatic conditions, they may benefit from seeking countryside retreats where the air is fresher and not so polluted with irritants. They could also benefit from swimming in lakes or fresh water, not sea water.

The Monkey may benefit from eating smaller more regular meals and not snacking between meals to aid minor digestive disorders. If there are more dietary issues than the Monkey would like, he should drink peppermint tea or try some ginger.

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