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The year of the Earth Pig is a year of many changes and ups and downs as well as tests and challenges for Horse folk. Many of them could move into much bigger homes in new locations, which some may find stressful, and there are likely to be additions to the family group through new babies being born and through marriages. Much help and support will be needed by these men and women in the moving process and they will be glad of all assistance given to them. The family will rally around and willingly give their time which will be much needed since these folk may find settling into new locations difficult as well. It is important that their family ties remain strong throughout these potentially problematic and difficult times.

Occasions spent with family and close friends are likely to be especially happy and there is much love and support for Horse individuals in 2019. Older family members are likely to be extremely obliging to them and they should be prepared to accept all the advice and backing offered. Most will realise how important their families are, especially in times of trouble and inconvenience.

Horse People In The Earth Pig Cycle

One of the main problems for the Horse in 2019 is going to be achieving a reasonable balance between working life and family life. These individuals are extremely talented creative people and can be interested in many things at any one given time. Many of them are multi-talented. They can also be highly sensitive and highly strung. In the year of the Earth Pig, such people are most likely to benefit from being with their close relatives and supporting charitable concerns. They will gain much satisfaction from giving something back to the community, suggests my Chinese Horse horoscope 2019 chart interpretation.

In love, these men and women will have learnt many lessons and should avoid being too negative by looking back at past experiences. Some may feel restricted by this negative impact but they shouldn’t. Life is for the living and those born under this zodiac sign should recognise it is time to move forward and let go of bad energy.

Prospects for the love life of Horse men and women are good this year even if some of them are still recuperating and convalescing from the hurt caused by old relationships. There will be many opportunities for romance and many surprises where love can hit them out of the blue. Horse people should make sure they are open to such positive events.

In career terms, these individuals will flourish and could easily change jobs. There could be offers of free-lance work. Horse men and women are likely to be drawn to self-employment this year. There is also the possibility that they will be able to work overseas and travel which will please them greatly. They thrive on feeling they are free from routines.

In the late summer months, there could be a big financial payout in connection with work and many opportunities for advancement in creative and artistic fields. There will be chances for Horse people to show off their talents and shine. Seniors will spot their unique contributions and will offer both encouragement and backing.

Horse men and women will notice some improvements in their finances and they could easily benefit from an inheritance. Cash will be free-flowing this year yet for once, Horse folk are more likely to be careful with money and not so frivolous. The year 2019 will bring them both wisdom and restraint and they will be more thoughtful about the ways they spend money.

Opportunities for earning higher wages will come this year and Horse folk will be sought after for their specialist skills, knowledge and experience. They are likely to be more inventive in the ways they manage their wealth. Many will be attracted by the stock market but should take sound financial advice before they invest in stocks and shares. For once these people will listen carefully and follow the advice given.

Horse people could be prone to throat infections this year and many could develop breathing problems, most likely relate to asthmatic conditions as well as bronchial infections. They should take particular care of their lungs.

I would suggest that those born under this sign seek proper medical advice for tiredness and bouts of physical fatigue which may plague them this year. There could be an underlying cause which may need medical attention.

Closing Considerations

Getting too stressed will not be helpful to the fine constitution of these folk and they might benefit from Yoga and acupuncture. They should avoid over-experimentation with alternative therapies just because they are inquisitive about them. The Horse should remember that he doesn’t need to know everything about products for them to work.

These individuals will need good fitting shoes this year to help with any potential foot problems. Even if they are fashion conscious they might be more comfortable in shoes that are practical and fit for purpose.

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