Chinese Zodiac Signs Relation To Luck, Intelligence And Power

Chinese Astrology calculatorThere are very specific traits that are believed to be determined based on your birth year using the Chinese zodiac. Some of these traits are very positive, while others can be seen as negative, but in many ways, they balance themselves out. There are definitely certain zodiac signs in the Chinese culture that are believed to show who will be the luckiest, smartest and those that are the most powerful.

The Luckiest Zodiac Sign

When it comes to who is the luckiest according to the Chinese zodiac, that trait goes to the rabbits. The rabbit is by far the luckiest of all of the signs. In addition to luck, they also are believed to be shy, snobbish, introverted, talented, peacekeepers and articulate. The most recent birth years for the rabbit include 1951, 1962, 1975, 1987, 1999 and 2011. However, if it is the year of the rabbit, those that are rabbits will likely have a less lucky year than they would usually expect.

The Most Intelligent?

When it comes to who is deemed to the most intelligent there is some room for debate. A number of the zodiac signs have intelligence noted as one of their primary traits. The dragon, snake and monkey are all known for being of the smartest people. Those with the rat sign are also known to be intelligent in the sense that they are quick-witted. There really is nothing, in particular, that shows that one sign is more intelligent than the others of these four, but there is some speculation about the matter depending on the source. If being smart is important to you, or your determination of who you would like as a partner, you can rest assured that those from these 4 signs will likely meet your needs.

The Most Powerful Sign?

When it comes to which Chinese zodiac sign is the most powerful there is also some debate. It is agreed the dragon and tiger are the most powerful signs, but given that there really can only be one these two signs naturally compete to prove who actually holds that title. This can create a great deal of conflict between the two as there really never is a real resolution to the matter. It is not recommended that these two signs join together in a romantic relationship as they both will always be trying to assert their power over the other that can lead to constant battles in the home.

Chinese zodiac signs are used in all aspects of life in the east. They are a means of determining who is suitable as a romantic interest with families often refusing to allow two people that are not a good match to marry. It can also be a means of determining what the right career path would be for an individual based on the traits of their sign. Some companies even use it to determine what signs are best to hire for certain positions. There really is no limit as to what part of life an individual’s sign will be considered when making important life decisions.

It is believed that the Chinese zodiac system has been used for over 3,000 years, while many believe that there is evidence that it has been in existence for much longer than that. There are also a number of variations to this tradition, depending on where in the east it is practised. The history of this tradition is strong and is used just as much today as it was hundreds and thousands of years ago, showing that there are some things that are more than able to stand the test of time.

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