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What Is The Chinese Zodiac Sign For Virgo?

The Chinese Zodiac Symbol For Virgo

The Rooster is the Chinese zodiac sign similar to VirgoHaving the ability to know what a person is like from Chinese astrology is of great benefit to many people. It can help them to better understand people in personal and professional endeavours. The sign of Virgo in western astrology is the Rooster in Chinese astrology. These people are born from August 23 – September 22.

The Rooster and the Virgo signs are the same because these types of people are independent, loyal, smart, and pleasant to be around. They have a lot more qualities that make them especially adaptable in all areas of life. For many of the people born into the Rooster sign, they succeed at the things that they wish to.

When it is said that a person born into the sign of the Rooster is very smart, it doesn’t mean that they are just intelligent. They are also quite logical and possess quite a bit of common sense. This makes them very practical and they seek out solutions to problems that others are not able to do on their own. These traits alone make them excellent leaders in a variety of occupations so they are employable and promotable in many different industries. They seem to do well in fields that offer jobs in the financial sector because of the way that they can increase profits.

They are very interested in money and they want to make a lot of it. They pragmatically handle their financial affairs and they do tend to make a lot of money. Since they are well studied, they make good investments that tend to pay off for them all through their lives. Increasing their money regularly is what they need to do. They find that they can understand the stock market well and it pays off for them in many ways.

In love, the people born under the sign of the Rooster are loyal and loving. Many people are attracted to them and they make excellent mates. Since they are compassionate and caring, they can make a relationship work and they will be there for someone when they need them. They don’t just get up and walk away and they will work through problems when they occur. They are steadfast and genuine so others do not have to worry if they are putting on any airs about themselves. They are honest and sometimes to a fault.

Since people born into the sign of the Rooster are very patient, they make excellent parents. They can understand and empathise with their children and they raise them to be good adults. Since this all leads to good parenting, children do very well when they have a Rooster for a parent.

Rooster in Chinese astrology and Virgo in Western astrology share the same traits and they are wonderful people indeed. By learning more about these types of people, others will know how to best deal with them in any type of situation that might come up.


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What Is The Chinese Zodiac Sign For Taurus?

The Chinese Zodiac Symbol For Taurus

Taurus is the same as what Chinese Zodiac animalPeople love to follow astrology. They are able to find out what will happen in the future when they do. They can also learn a lot about themselves and about other people in their lives by looking at their signs. Since Chinese astrology is very accurate, people love to follow it on a regular basis.

The Snake Is The Equivalent Of The Sign Of Taurus

In Chinese astrology, people that are born from April 20 to May 20 (the sign of Taurus) are considered the snake animal sign. These people have certain personality traits that they are born with. Here are some of the traits that they have:

Intelligent – The people that are born into the snake sign in Chinese astrology are very intelligent. They usually acquire quite a bit of education and they are very successful with their studies. Since they have a lot of common sense to them, they are able to solve a lot of problems that come up in everyday life. People respect them for what they are able to do and accomplish throughout their lives. They also have a knack for making money and wanting to have a lot of it to spend on what they want.

Stubborn – A person that is born into the sign of the snake can be stubborn. They like things to be the way that they want them to be. This leads them to be highly accomplished in life because they insist on getting what they want. Even though they have a stubborn streak, they can adapt well to all kinds of social situations. They fit in when they have to.

Dedicated – These people are dedicated. This is in their personal and professional endeavours. They are very loyal and this makes them sought after by other people. They will stick with what they have committed to even in the worst of times. They are always there and can be counted on for whatever needs to be done at any given time. They are also trustworthy and people can put their faith in them. Since they have these types of qualities, they make excellent leaders in many ways.

Compassionate – These types of people are very compassionate. They feel for other people from all walks of life. They are great listeners that offer a helping hand when it is needed. Once they warm up to people, they are friendly and caring with them at all times. This type of person is easy to get along with.

Patient – This person is very patient. They make excellent parents because they have the ability to understand children in a remarkable way. Since patience is always a wonderful trait, this makes them ideal for many types of employment opportunities.

For anyone that knows a person that is a snake in Chinese astrology, they will want to know that they are in the presence of a wonderful person. They are true and loyal to the people that they care about, just like a Taurus individual.

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What Is The Chinese Zodiac Sign For Sagittarius

Which Chinese Astrology Animal Equates To Sagittarius?

Sagittarius is same as the RatThe Chinese zodiac uses symbols that are different from the ones used in Western astrology. With that said, every Chinese zodiac animal has its western equivalent. The equivalent to the Sagittarius is the Rat.

Rats are known for being intelligent and resourceful. Rats are also kind and optimistic. With that said, rats can be stubborn. Rats often struggle to communicate effectively with others, which can lead to disagreements. Rats are kind-natured, but they can be blunt, which can be perceived as rudeness.

Rats tend to be careful with their money. While this trait can help to make them successful, it can also cause people to see them as stingy. Rats tend to have strong organisational skills and sharp minds, but they’re not always cut out for leadership positions. They have an adventurous spirit and are willing to take risks.

Sagittarians are fire signs, which means they’re passionate and want to get everything they can out of life. People born under the Sagittarius sign have a strong sense of adventure and are comfortable with risks, in part because of their optimistic nature. This optimism isn’t necessarily misplaced; these men and women are known for being lucky and are often very successful.

Sagittarius people are honest, but their honesty can be perceived as a lack of tact. They are blunt, and they’re not always great at communicating their feelings in a way that other people can understand. They are smart and creative and often channel their passion into hobbies, like writing.

As you can see, the similarities between sagittarius and Rats isn’t just about a person’s date of birth. These signs share many personality traits. Both these signs are known for being optimistic. While this optimism may be perceived as naivety by others, both star signs tend to be successful. Because they are optimistic, both are comfortable taking risks that can help them get ahead.

Both signs are also known for their creativity. People born under these signs can think outside the box and come up with unique solutions to the challenges they’re facing. They can think quickly and deal with challenges as they arise. It’s common for people born under these signs to have creative hobbies as well.

Although both zodiac signs are both intelligent, they usually don’t wind up in leadership roles. This is primarily because people with these signs aren’t always great at communicating with others. They have great ideas, but they may need others to help them implement their ideas.

The Rat is most compatible with the Ox, Dragon, and Monkey signs. Sagittarius individuals are most compatible with Capricorns, Aries, and Leos, which are the equivalent of those signs. It’s difficult to get close to both signs, but once people befriend them, they usually stay friends for life.

If you’re a Sagittarian, you may want to learn more about the Rat in Chinese astrology. Studying this sign can give you more insight into your behaviours.

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What Is The Chinese Zodiac Sign For Scorpio?

The Chinese Zodiac Animal Equivalent To Scorpio Is……

Scorpio and the PigIn the Western zodiac, people who are Scorpios are born between October 23rd to November 21st. This corresponds with the Pig in the Chinese zodiac, so the Pig (or Boar) is the Chinese zodiac symbol for Scorpio. This is actually the most energetic of all signs and they approach life with great enthusiasm. Both Scorpio and the Pig personalities are larger than life and they are always self-assured and very confident. They basically have a deep well of emotion that they put into everything they do. Even though both of these signs are extremely passionate, the Scorpio tends to be a bit more suspicious whereas the Pig is more naive and you can even say idealistic.

Both of these signs love to be around people and would be absolutely horrified to have to spend too much time at home. Even if they do need to stay at home, they will surely be the liveliest person in the neighbourhood! They’ll always want to have the television or radio playing or may simply spend a lot of time chatting with the neighbour. Music is definitely a huge pleasure for most both signs and they do tend to get lost in it.

Next, both these signs are extremely charming and lovable which means its nearly impossible to stay mad at them. They also dislike getting into arguments but will if they have to. This zodiac sign is known for being very stubborn and the Pig is just the same. Once they have both made up their minds on an issue, it is nearly impossible to get them to change it.

It is no secret that this is the most sexually charged sign in the Western zodiac and so is the Chinese equivalent. They both have a great deal of charisma and loads of sex appeal. When in a relationship, they both try very hard to please their partners and are certainly the perfect lovers. However, they expect as much as they give in a relationship as well as in friendships. If their partner shows disinterest or even is distant for a little while, this can cause a huge issue and the shared bond may even be quickly ruined. This is due to the zodiac sign’s short temper and general emotional instability. As a result, they need a partner who is extremely patient and willing to deal with emotional up and downs.

Next, when it comes to career and money, both the Scorpio and Pig have a huge love for money and power. They will work extremely hard to climb the corporate ladder and stockpile cash. As mentioned before, they have a great deal of ambition and this is definitely applied to their career or business. This makes them great partners as you can rest easy that they will be able to provide financially.

To wrap things up, we have just looked at the Chinese zodiac symbol for Scorpio which is the Pig and compared these two signs. As you can see, they share a lot of similarities which shows that both the Chinese and Western zodiac have many similarities.

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What Is The Chinese Zodiac Sign For Leo?

What Is The Chinese Astrology Animal Equivalent To Leo?

The chinese zodiac monkey sign is the same as western LeoThe Chinese zodiac symbol for Leo is the Monkey and in the western zodiac, Lion people are born between July 23rd and August 22nd. These two signs are very similar and are all about showmanship. The Monkey is always ready to play and so is the lion. These signs are very bold and always willing to take the necessary risks to get what they want. The main difference between the two signs is that the Monkey is more curious, unconventional and flexible. Leo, on the other hand, is known to to be more loyal. Both of these signs want more than an ordinary life and the very thought of living that type of life is completely frustrating. You should think of the Leo as a childish King whereas the Monkey is more like a mischievous like a young child. They are both very proud and may even come across as arrogant.

Leo/Monkey individuals are always ready to try new things and have a true zest for life. They make fantastic friends and will always urge you to try new things and have a great deal of optimism. Both of these signs are very aware of their appearance and they go to great lengths to take care of themselves. Due to this, many others are typically attracted to them for their good looks and dashing style.

This duo is quite diplomatic, regal, intelligent and usually very well-spoken. They are always understanding of other viewpoints that are not their own and they are excellent communicators. However, they always like to know what is going on and if they are left out, then this can cause serious problems.

Both these signs enjoy helping others and are quite good at offering emotional support. However, once they are convinced that they are right about something, then they tend to expect everyone else to get on board with it. Essentially, they are like benevolent rulers and once you agree to their thoughts and plan of action, they will be kind and tolerant of you.

These signs are extremely ambitious and they can even become quite idealistic. They always try to be the best at whatever they do and they may also become business owners. Due to their high degree of ingenuity and tendency to overachieve, they are very confident of themselves. As a result of this, they are less likely to follow the advice of any other person since they will usually view it as being inferior.

Leo and Monkey have a strong desire for power as well as a lavish lifestyle. As a result of this desire and their own creativity and drive, they often succeed in all their endeavours quite quickly whereas it would have taken other persons many decades to achieve. They are also quite keen on love but prefer their relationships to be peaceful and simple and are very devoted to their partners.

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