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For Dragon people, the year of the Earth Pig promises lots of new opportunities, new chances, new breaks and openings as well as lots of new beginnings. There could be a move of home to a new location, my Chinese Dragon horoscope 2019 charts reveal. This is most likely to be in connection with a new job. These individuals are destined to do very well in their employment this year. Those who are currently unemployed will be lucky in finding the right kind of work environment where they can thrive and show off their knowledge and skills. They will make wise choices in whatever occupation they choose.

Relationships may come under scrutiny in 2019 and these people are likely to feel duty bound to support relatives who have supported them in the past. While Dragon folk may need help and advice from family themselves this year they are also able to provide encouragement for others in their family group who may need it. This sign shouldn’t worry too much since he has a good network of folk, both friends and relatives who are more than ready to help him and nurture him along the way.

Dragon People In The 2019 Year Of The Pig

It may be difficult to achieve a reasonable work/life balance this year since stress levels are destined to be high and are likely to rise. It could be there are some underlying emotional issues which further compound this. These men and women would be well advised to adopt a slightly slower pace at work, even though this won’t be their natural working mode. They should also try to be thoughtful of others in the workplace and not dominate proceedings completely.

There are likely to be many social gatherings, get-togethers and parties which this zodiac sign will enjoy in 2019.  Both friendships and romances will be important this year in the Dragon astrological chart. These individuals could rely more heavily than usual on friends for good advice this year.

There could be a special relationship which develops in 2019 although an old relationship may need to finish before a new one can begin. These men and women are most likely to meet a soul-mate through travel. Dragon men and women are likely to be attracted to glamorous people who appear outwardly wealthy and successful. They may even change their image so they appear well-dressed and more affluent than they actually are.

The single person is likely to find love at a deeply spiritual level and there will be good communication as well as much satisfaction, fulfilment and contentment in this relationship.

These men and women are likely to thrive in employment especially if involved in marketing, teaching or writing.2019 is an excellent time for formulating plans and establishing the right direction for the future. There are many opportunities for changes in employment this year and those who have been wanting promotions should get them. Those starting out will be luckier than most. Jobs are likely to change as industries expand and Dragon folk could do very well and forge ahead in fields like transportation, telecom and media industries.

Although those born under this zodiac sign are unlikely to have any big money issues they will still have to ensure that any debts they have accrued are settled. Money owing should be paid off first before borrowing any more. The Dragon is unlikely to get himself to deeply into debt but he should be aware that even by making small changes in his budgeting it can make a big difference. They should avoid impulse buying and stick to his budget.

Dragon folk are blessed with natural and innate financial intelligence and shouldn’t worry about making enough money this year. They are likely to find new and novel ways to secure their financial position and substantial sums could be accumulated. Cash will flow both in and out of their pockets.

There could be some family expenses which hadn’t budgeted for and there may be additional monthly expenses connected with buying or renting a new property. These people may want to modernise their homes and spend money on the latest new equipment. This sign should shop around and not pay the highest price for such apparatus. This more careful, thoughtful and far-seeing modest approach is one I recommend in 2019.

Folk may experience some digestive discomfort possibly caused by stress or by not eating regular meals. They may need to make some small dietary changes. They will also need to make sure they have enough sleep in order to charge their batteries and rejuvenate themselves.

Closing Thoughts

If the Dragon plays sports, they should avoid rash actions connected with speed since they could be prone to injury. This could potentially happen more than once. Many could be drawn to detoxing in order to restore their high energy levels and rejuvenate their spirits in 2019.

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