A Captivating Guide To Chinese Astrology Marriage Matching

A Guide To Chinese Astrology Marriage Matching

the Xi Butterfly Relationship Symbol used for Chinese astrology marriage matching

Xi Symbol

Is Chinese astrology marriage matching possible? Well, this form of forecasting can be used to contemplate current or future romantic prospects including whether or not a love interest will lead to a happy marriage. In fact, Astrology for marriage by date of birth is a very big part of oriental culture. Understanding which Chinese sign is most compatible with your own is a helpful tool even in the world of technology dating sites and compatibility test. Indeed, modern technology makes the production of a Chinese zodiac compatibility calculator for marriage all the more straightforward.

The concepts behind Chinese astrology are designed differently to western astrology, which relies on the months of the year. Chinese astrology works with a lunar cycle consisting of 12 years. Your Chinese sign is then calculated from your birth year. Instead of planets, each sign and any individuals born during that sign’s phase are represented by one of twelve animals and are linked with distinctions of that particular animal. For example, similar to the Monkey animal itself, humans born under the influence of the Monkey are curious, playful, and clever. Getting hold of a Chinese astrology chart is easy online. These charts are designed to assist you with discovering your “soul mate" and can be a valuable tool before embarking on a relationship.

Rumour has it that 12 animals were selected from the Chinese Zodiac by Buddha. Near his death, he requested that all animals come to him; however, only 12 arrived. These 12 animals, the monkey, pig, snake, ox, dragon, horse, rat, rooster, goat, dog, rabbit and tiger were honoured, by Buddha himself, to represent the 12 Chinese astrology signs.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Like Vedic, Celtic, and Western astrology, the subject of compatibility is always a hot topic. The position of the 12 animal signs in regards to each other works in the form of a clock, which quantifies the level of compatibility of each sign with the other. For instance, animal signs four years apart from one another are considered compatible, but those that are six years apart are not.

Though the western world has “romanticised" marriage to a fault, people from around the world want that special someone to call they’re own. Someone to spend the rest of their lives with and the more information acquired beforehand, the better! Chinese astrology offers a more practical approach to finding a mate. Much more so than the whimsical emotions that ebb and flow on the materialistic level causing one heartbreak after another.

With marriage, more is required than just “feelings" in order to choose the best mate and be happy. In fact, the importance of dreams, children, and financial prospects should be mentioned prior to engaging in marriage. What Chinese astrology does help you think about your relationship in a more sensible manner. It exposes what a potential marriage would be like according to a person’s specific traits in relation to their birth and animal symbol. It permits you to view the various sides of your mate’s character that may have otherwise remained hidden until after the ceremony.

Chinese astrology may not determine every facet of your future, but there’s nothing wrong with using every tool possible when it comes to making such life-changing decisions like marriage. Perhaps that’s why a pre-marriage compatibility test is so popular in the far east.

Chinese Astrology Marriage Matching – Compatibility Review

An interesting element of ancient Chinese astrology marriage matching is the way it evaluates and construes compatibility in all areas. One of those areas is romantic relationships. It reveals the various combinations of animal signs and reveals which combinations have the greatest and least chance of success in a romantic union that may one day lead to marriage. The concept behind such logic considers the numerous attributes of the 12 animal signs, their strengths and weaknesses, and whether they are compatible. In order to contemplate the complexities that can occur when using astrology to determine compatibility, one should consult a zodiac-sign-calculator. This will help make the process simpler as the only requirement is to enter the birth date of each individual in order to receive a result.

What then are the Chinese zodiac marriage combinations?. After you’ve discovered your astrology sign, here are the various compatibility results based on a Chinese zodiac marriage match chart:

Characteristics: Iffy about long-lasting relationships, determined, ambitious
Perfect Match: ox, rat, pig
Workable: dragon, monkey, tiger
Difficult: snake, ram, rooster
Forget It: rabbit, horse, dog

Characteristics: loner, inspiring, great parent
Perfect Match: monkey, snake, rat
Workable: ox, rooster, rabbit
Difficult: dragon, ram, dog, pig
Forget It: tiger, horse

Characteristics: brave, aggressive, caring
Perfect Match: horse, dog, pig
Workable: rat
Difficult: tiger, dragon, snake, rooster
Forget It: Tiger, Horse

Characteristics: lucky, shy but affectionate
Perfect Match: dragon, pig, ram
Workable: rabbit, snake, ox, dog, monkey
Difficult: horse, rooster
Forget It: rat, tiger

Characteristics: vigorous, passionate about life
Perfect Match: snake, ram, monkey, rabbit
Workable: pig, rooster, rat
Difficult: horse, dog, ox, tiger
Forget It: dragon

Characteristics: hard-worker, amiable, calm
Perfect Match: rooster, dragon, ox
Workable: rabbit
Difficult: snake, tiger, horse, ram, monkey, rat
Forget It: dog, pig

Characteristics: ambitious, reasonable, sense of humour
Perfect Match: ram, dog, tiger
Workable: dragon
Difficult: horse, rabbit, rooster, pig, snake
Forget It: monkey, rat, ox

Characteristics: homebody, creative, sociable
Perfect Match: rabbit, pig, dragon, horse
Workable: monkey
Difficult: ram, rat, ox, snake
Forget It: rooster, dog, tiger

Characteristics: good-natured, tricky, playful
Perfect Match: dragon, ox
Workable: monkey, rat, rabbit, ram
Difficult: rooster, dog, pig, snake
Forget It: tiger, horse

Characteristics: multi-tasker, ambitious, eager
Perfect Match: pig, snake
Workable: ox, dragon
Difficult: dog, rat, tiger, rabbit, horse, monkey
Forget It: rooster, ram

Characteristics: loyal, sincere, leader oriented
Perfect Match: pig, tiger, horse
Workable: rabbit
Difficult: dog, ox, dragon, monkey, rooster
Forget It: rat, snake, ram

Characteristics: family-oriented, strategic, ambitious
Perfect Match: pig, rat, ram, rabbit, tiger, rooster, dog
Workable: dragon
Difficult: ox, horse, monkey
Forget It: snake

Of all the Chinese astrology symbols, the character of the Pig is the most suited to matching with other signs. Ironically, being called a Pig is usually considered an insult, especially in the west. But according to this ancient eastern astrology, a pig is a much sought after animal not for its flesh, but for its affable characteristics.

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Chinese Astrometric Marriage Combinations

By understanding Chinese astrological animal signs, you will be able to distinguish between the 12 signs and determine which of the zodiac animal types have the best match and marriage partner potential and which ones are best to stay away from. Thankfully, all is not lost if one is not born under the sign of the Chinese Pig; however, the complexities of Chinese Astrology marriage matching and the use of a Chinese zodiac compatibility chart go much deeper than western astrology. Indeed, they are more reliable when one is searching for a marriage partner. Nonetheless, a truly satisfying Chinese marriage relationship is one where each person is willing to give and take, remain respectful through the joys of friendship, and keep their love alive regardless of their astrological signs.

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