What Is The Chinese Zodiac Sign For Virgo?

The Chinese Zodiac Symbol For Virgo

The Rooster is the Chinese zodiac sign similar to VirgoHaving the ability to know what a person is like from Chinese astrology is of great benefit to many people. It can help them to better understand people in personal and professional endeavours. The sign of Virgo in western astrology is the Rooster in Chinese astrology. These people are born from August 23 – September 22.

The Rooster and the Virgo signs are the same because these types of people are independent, loyal, smart, and pleasant to be around. They have a lot more qualities that make them especially adaptable in all areas of life. For many of the people born into the Rooster sign, they succeed at the things that they wish to.

When it is said that a person born into the sign of the Rooster is very smart, it doesn’t mean that they are just intelligent. They are also quite logical and possess quite a bit of common sense. This makes them very practical and they seek out solutions to problems that others are not able to do on their own. These traits alone make them excellent leaders in a variety of occupations so they are employable and promotable in many different industries. They seem to do well in fields that offer jobs in the financial sector because of the way that they can increase profits.

They are very interested in money and they want to make a lot of it. They pragmatically handle their financial affairs and they do tend to make a lot of money. Since they are well studied, they make good investments that tend to pay off for them all through their lives. Increasing their money regularly is what they need to do. They find that they can understand the stock market well and it pays off for them in many ways.

In love, the people born under the sign of the Rooster are loyal and loving. Many people are attracted to them and they make excellent mates. Since they are compassionate and caring, they can make a relationship work and they will be there for someone when they need them. They don’t just get up and walk away and they will work through problems when they occur. They are steadfast and genuine so others do not have to worry if they are putting on any airs about themselves. They are honest and sometimes to a fault.

Since people born into the sign of the Rooster are very patient, they make excellent parents. They can understand and empathise with their children and they raise them to be good adults. Since this all leads to good parenting, children do very well when they have a Rooster for a parent.

Rooster in Chinese astrology and Virgo in Western astrology share the same traits and they are wonderful people indeed. By learning more about these types of people, others will know how to best deal with them in any type of situation that might come up.


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