What Is The Chinese Zodiac Sign For Scorpio?

The Chinese Zodiac Animal Equivalent To Scorpio Is……

Scorpio and the PigIn the Western zodiac, people who are Scorpios are born between October 23rd to November 21st. This corresponds with the Pig in the Chinese zodiac, so the Pig (or Boar) is the Chinese zodiac symbol for Scorpio. This is actually the most energetic of all signs and they approach life with great enthusiasm. Both Scorpio and the Pig personalities are larger than life and they are always self-assured and very confident. They basically have a deep well of emotion that they put into everything they do. Even though both of these signs are extremely passionate, the Scorpio tends to be a bit more suspicious whereas the Pig is more naive and you can even say idealistic.

Both of these signs love to be around people and would be absolutely horrified to have to spend too much time at home. Even if they do need to stay at home, they will surely be the liveliest person in the neighbourhood! They’ll always want to have the television or radio playing or may simply spend a lot of time chatting with the neighbour. Music is definitely a huge pleasure for most both signs and they do tend to get lost in it.

Next, both these signs are extremely charming and lovable which means its nearly impossible to stay mad at them. They also dislike getting into arguments but will if they have to. This zodiac sign is known for being very stubborn and the Pig is just the same. Once they have both made up their minds on an issue, it is nearly impossible to get them to change it.

It is no secret that this is the most sexually charged sign in the Western zodiac and so is the Chinese equivalent. They both have a great deal of charisma and loads of sex appeal. When in a relationship, they both try very hard to please their partners and are certainly the perfect lovers. However, they expect as much as they give in a relationship as well as in friendships. If their partner shows disinterest or even is distant for a little while, this can cause a huge issue and the shared bond may even be quickly ruined. This is due to the zodiac sign’s short temper and general emotional instability. As a result, they need a partner who is extremely patient and willing to deal with emotional up and downs.

Next, when it comes to career and money, both the Scorpio and Pig have a huge love for money and power. They will work extremely hard to climb the corporate ladder and stockpile cash. As mentioned before, they have a great deal of ambition and this is definitely applied to their career or business. This makes them great partners as you can rest easy that they will be able to provide financially.

To wrap things up, we have just looked at the Chinese zodiac symbol for Scorpio which is the Pig and compared these two signs. As you can see, they share a lot of similarities which shows that both the Chinese and Western zodiac have many similarities.

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