What Is The Chinese Zodiac Sign For Aries?

What Is Aries In Chinese Astrology?

Chinese zodiac dragon symbol equates to Aries in western astrologyThere are many differences between the regular zodiac signs and those that originate in the country of China. Although there are 12 animals in each, they are all very different in regard to their appearance, and also their meaning. Additionally, these signs are based upon the 12 months of the year, whereas the Chinese system references 12 years at a time. This is not the only difference that you will notice, especially when comparing zodiac signs like Aries and the Dragon. Let’s look at the similarities and differences between these two signs and how they are also similar.

The Arian sign is actually the first one in the regular western version. It is representative of a person that is extremely energetic, and at times turbulent. It is in charge of the planet Mars, and is directly linked to fire. It is not alone as Sagittarius and Leo are also connected to the element of fire. Yet it is an area that is often referenced when people are talking about the oriental zodiac, specifically the sign of the Dragon. Let’s look at the sign of the Dragon in oriental astrology, and show you how these compare and differ.

The Dragon sign is the only zodiac symbol in Chinese astrology that is not a real animal. It has made many people believe if it was actually real at one time. It is not in the number one spot. It is number five out of the 12 for the zodiac. Despite its disposition, it is the most revered of all of the signs and it has to do with how powerful it is. For example, the emperors of China often referenced themselves as dragons. If they happen to be born at the time of this sign, this was good fortune. Dragons have unique characteristics such as strong tenacity, idealism, and they are also very eloquent. They are not people that ask for things. They will demand them, and will often get their way. This is why this sign is so representative of emperors in China because it represents an individual that is inflexible, sometimes dictatorial, but can be the best of friends.

Why Is the sign For Aries The Dragon? Although these are completely different animals, it has to do with traits that they represent and the personality characteristics they bestow on those born under them. Aries is a sign that can represent someone that is aggressive, impulsive and impatient. This is very similar to the Dragon which always has to have it their way. Some of their strengths include being courageous and determined, traits that are shared by both. Each one of them is representative of someone that is born for leadership roles. Most importantly, the sign is directly related to the element of fire, and dragons are known to breathe fire in mythology. It is for these similarities that there is often a connection between the Western astrological sign for Aries and the Chinese horoscope sign for dragons.

Although these originated in completely different areas of the world, there seems to be some correlation between the animals that were used. Although a ram is a land-based creature with horns, and the Dragon is a mythical flying creature, they are similar in the ways that have been described. Therefore, it is likely that someone born in the year of the Dragon may also have been born in the month of Aries. This would make perfect sense, and if that correlation does exist, it would reemphasise exactly what that person’s personality will end up becoming after birth.

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