What Is The Chinese Zodiac Sign For Aquarius?

What Is Aquarius In Chinese Astrology

Chinese Tiger zodiac symbol equates to AquariusMany people ask me, ‘what Is the Chinese zodiac sign for Aquarius’ and my answer is that it is not quite as straightforward as you may think. However, to answer the question without the analysis, the Tiger is the equivalent of the western sign Aquarius.

People who are Aquarius in the Western Zodiac, and as Tigers in the Chinese Zodiac often display similar characteristics. For instance, they are eccentric, inquisitive and impulsive. These people are fun to be around and also reliable. They are very decisive and this comes in handy in various aspects of their life. Such an individual would have a very charming personality and always seeks the approval of others. Additionally, they are very competitive, lively and will always overcome any challenges they come across.

They often take the courage and resilience portrayed by the tiger. Additionally, they will portray the farsightedness, independence and friendliness of the Aquarius sign. They will always land on their feet even though they often push their luck frequently. They have many friends and often make them too fast but it’s always tough to accommodate closer relationships especially because of the free-spirited nature. When it’s time to settle down, they are often very cautious. They always take time with decisions that will affect their personal freedom.

Some of their strongest attributes include determination, strong will and much more but these often come with their own pros and cons. For instance, it will guarantee their emotional strength and resilience but will affect their aloofness and their rebellious nature. In most cases, the individual will be unpredictable and it’s one of their favourable assets. It boosts their spontaneity and produces an entertaining, boisterous nature.

With such a person as your friend, you will always enjoy the most fun experiences without any dull moments. If these people choose to date each other, they are fun and exciting parents. Such a person is often lucky and always emits cheer with a lot of charm. They are attention seekers but in a very charming and endearing way. They have persuasive powers of some authoritative nature. It’s not easy to fool them and they always stick to the decisions they make.

It’s not easy to change such a person’s mind and often fall prey to their vanity if it’s too amplified. Having too many friends and acquaintances makes it easy to keep their vain nature in check thus retaining their unique personality without being over-confident. They are dependable people and always come to your aid whenever they are needed. If they become too vain, it’s very easy to push someone away but when the good moments come around, they are the best people to be around.

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