Chinese Rat Year Horoscope 2018 Personality And Future

For 2018 Rat folk, the Year of The Brown Earth Dog will give you time to focus on your own personal interests and hobbies. You are likely to have high energy levels and will be able to cope with the ups and down this period will bring. There could be some sadness to deal with but overall it will be a satisfying 12 months.

Star Sign Overview For Chinese Zodiac Rat People

chinese rat astrology symbolTo avoid being bored, Rat people should seek to get away from the mundane and routine tasks that weary them. They are intelligent enough to make life very interesting if they so choose and this is most likely what this sign will do this year. Their family life could prove exciting in an unexpected way, although there could be some misunderstandings to sort out. The Rat should endeavour to stay clear of those who try to give him grief and trust his instincts. Being a protective and loving sort of individual that folk like to talk to these people will know instinctively whether folk are genuine towards him or not.

Rats are usually clever charming people who tend to be a bit restless. They are very good organisers and excellent thinkers and planners. For those Rat men and women who have been a bit shallow in the past, there could be a change in the depth of their emotional levels and they would do well to learn some tact and diplomacy. Rat folk may take time out to reflect on some of their less than appropriate their past actions. If they are honourable they should vow never to repeat such behaviour in the future. Rat family members are likely to encourage people to listen to them and show them the respect they deserve. They should try to keep the family as close as possible this year, which is not this sign’s usual course of action. The sensible Rat will realise the benefits of having loved ones close and offering unconditional support.

Relationships And Romance For Rat In Year 2018

Channels of communication between loved ones will need to be kept fully open during this cycle so that relationships can develop favourably and the Rat gets a deeper insight into how to keep peace and harmony all around.

In love, these folk may be tempted to make new things happen. They are capable of causing things to be different and make their partners eager for change also. This is a good year for sexual relationships although these men and women may be on a short fuse at times.

For the single Rat, the female should wear yellow to attract good luck in romance and the male would benefit from wearing some red and green. The single males may not be so fortunate in love as the females but they are likely to meet many more new people and make many new friends.

The Rat’s love life is likely to be very happy and positive providing they avoid impulsive and immature behaviour. He may feel he has learnt well from past mistakes this year and should avoid making quick hasty decisions, especially in affairs of the heart where folk can get easily hurt.

Known for their optimistic and bright outlook, these men and women will bring about important changes that will clear the air in personal relationships. It is an excellent time to plan for a new family and conceive a child.

The Workplace And Performance

Astrology chinese rat letter imageThis sign is likely to seek out new things for himself in his work the Chinese rat horoscope 2018 study reveals. He will want to prove himself and his personal qualities so is likely to be ready to make the sacrifices necessary to do that. Rats are most likely to prosper if they continue to work on their PR skills. There are indications in my 2018 Rat horoscope of both a pay rise and a promotion.

The Rat will be blessed with boundless energy and this will serve him well in his job. His creative talents and abilities are likely to flourish and he will be more likely to manage his time better. Others will talk about him in a good way, admiring him for his professionalism and skills.

During the 2018 cycle, this sign is likely to grow in self-confidence this year, and, with the success that follows,  will be increasingly active in meeting his own targets as well as helping others to meet theirs. Seniors will note his contributions and he will be much admired. The Rat should be wary of others who may try to interfere with his good progress and cause him problems.

Money And Wealth Opportunities

Finances should be fine in 2018, even though money may come in slowly. So long as the Rat is careful, using his money wisely and investing cautiously things will be fine. If tempted to spend impulsively he should avoid it. The colours of red, green and purple can help attract money into the coffers.

There could be an unexpected expense in the summer months which this person may struggle to meet, though he will continue to be shrewd and wise and be very careful when parting with money.

The Rat should avoid legal disputes at all costs and should wait until his monetary situation is stable before he spends any further. His focus should be on paying bills, clearing outstanding debts and being a responsible citizen where money is concerned. If he can restrain himself in this way, there will be lots of pleasure in spending his money when the time is right.

Health And Wellbeing Insight

The Chinese Zodiac Rat will need to focus on getting enough exercise this year. A regular routine would be best for him.  He should be careful of getting cuts from knives and other sharp objects. He should also take care of his liver and kidneys.

Eating the right foods will help the Rat stay fit and healthy and ensure his energy levels are good. These people should favour lots of leafy green vegetables in their diet. They should avoid faddy diets. Keeping busy will boost morale through the year and keep spirits up. This will be important for the Rat ’s mental stability.

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