Chinese Rabbit Horoscope 2018 Outlook Summary

The Year of the Brown Earth Dog will be full of changes and shake-ups for creative and imaginative Zodiac Rabbit folk in 2018. These men and women will need to go with the flow to cope with all the unsettlement in their lives. They could experience a lot of good luck particularly in career and in personal wealth. It is an excellent period for making sales in property or in insurance. It is also a very good time to apply for new positions.

Future Forecasting For Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Individuals

Rabbit chinese symbol graphicThe changes, ironically, will be largely initiated by Rabbit men and women for themselves. For once, the folk of this zodiac sign will be less shy and more ready to speak up and address issues head-on. They are also likely to be more focused, more direct, bolder and full of self-confidence and high self-esteem. This could be a very smooth and prosperous year, providing they put in the hard graft and don’t get distracted.

Rabbit folk may be most honest with friends and family members, learning powerful lessons from speaking out and being true to their inner selves. They will lust after more free time for recreational hobbies and this is likely to come across in what they have to say. Free time, as well as free-flowing money, will make them very happy. They are less likely to pursue a careless or superficial lifestyle and become more responsible for their actions. The downside is that to others they may appear a bit thoughtless of the consequences and they may cause offence and open up old wounds through voicing their opinions and thoughts so bluntly.

Rabbit individuals could easily upset people closest to them in lunar 2018 by speaking out in such a deliberately plain manner and by bringing up sensitive issues from the past. This is a bit out of character since their personalities are invariably affectionate, sensitive, empathic, emotional and humorous. The good news is they may clear the air and there will be little room for any doubt or misunderstandings after they have had their say. Those closest to these individuals could be very hurt by their words so this is worth a mention for any people of this sign reading this horoscope.

Romantic Prospects

Rabbit individuals could attract in much love interest this year, the Chinese rabbit horoscope 2018 analysis advises. For those in committed relationships, your bonds will grow stronger although you may do some intense soul-searching first to try to figure out exactly what it is you want from the relationship. There will be greater emphasis on caring and sharing. Singletons could turn on attached Rabbits and cause all sorts of problems through jealousy and envy.

Partners may be a bit bewildered by this sign’s forthrightness. The upside is that sexual relations will improve as a direct result of such frank discussions. It is an excellent time to plan for a baby and there will be no trouble in conceiving one.

For the single person, there is likely to be much excitement and many new partners to choose from. Women should wear white and men should wear yellow in order to attract luck in romance. Emotional levels will rise and Rabbit folk may approach their love lives in a rather precarious manner. They must be careful not to openly criticize their partners or this could lead to a potentially very damaging situation. It is likely that Rabbit folk have learnt some powerful lessons last year and they will be able to move and think much faster this now. This means that all the advantages will be theirs.

Professional Employment

Chinese Rabbit letter symbolAt first, these people could experience some delays in their line of work, however, the general trend is upward and positive and I do foresee bosses noticing your talents and rewarding you accordingly with pay raises and promotions as time moves forward. Many individuals will have to work on their action plans to make the sort of progress they truly desire. Other Rabbit folks could become uncharacteristically ambitious, and single-mindedly be seeking out a better lifestyle. They will work extremely hard to reap the rewards.

In business, there could be some very lucrative deals. Co-workers will need to be cultivated since they could be extremely useful to you in the future. They must be careful not to make small mistakes in their work by not paying sufficient attention to detail.

For some men and women, there could be a complete change of direction. Certainly, this year has the potential to bring turmoil into the lives of Rabbit people. This sign will ultimately be driven by the need to feel happy and content in what they do. A piece of jade or crystal put in the workplace will help calm the environment and bring inner peace and harmony to all who work there.

Monetary Forecasting

Luck will favour 2018 Rabbit people in their financial affairs. To attract in even more luck with money, try to wear different shades of brown and beige. They will make conscious efforts to pay off loans and settle outstanding debts so they will have more free money. At times they might find it hard not to spend, particularly if they see someone else in need. This is a good period to invest in property.

Health Maintenance

Health could be up and down for Rabbit men and women. Energy levels could drop quite significantly so the best thing they can do is adopt regular eating and sleeping patterns so they can exercise regularly too. Eating cucumber and pumpkins would be very beneficial for you. It will be important to monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Older male Rabbit family members could be quite poorly this year.

Meditation and Yoga are thoroughly recommended for this sign to help fend off minor health issues. Your sense of optimism over these 12 months will help your mental stability. Be sure to trust your intuition in all things.

Master George Tang

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