Chinese Ox Horoscope 2018 Insight And Prediction

Being one of the strongest symbols of the Chinese Zodiac, the Ox may think he is able to cruise through the Year of The Brown Earth Dog with ease. However, the 2018 Ox may need to be completely honest with himself this year and agree with himself that it might be a good idea to wait for a luckier time to come his way and not be quite so arrogant. He had a wonderful year in 2016 with the outrageous Monkey and during the Year of the Rooster (2017) things couldn’t have got much better. The Year of the Dog, on the other hand, may offer some rather different prospects. This sign might have to listen more to others and keep an eye on the world around him so he can be a bit more flexible and adapt to the needs of others.

Astrology Summary For Chinese Zodiac Ox Men And Women

Ox zodiac imageIt has the potential to be an interesting time and there is potentially much brightness and joy available to be had. He will be largely responsible for making the right decisions and choices himself this year.

The family of these men and women are likely to make small gestures which will be very pleasing and unexpected. There could be much peace and harmony on the home front. For Ox folk who might require some emotional support, this will be the place to come. Some folk may have neglected family and friends due to work, but this time this sign would be wise to redress this.

Love And Relationships

In love, this person will need to be more sociable if he is to make new friends and meet someone special. These folk tend to be very determined and hardworking people and they often judge people very quickly on a first impression. Single females are likely to be less lucky than males in romance. To enhance their luck females should wear green and male characters should wear black. Ladies could also consider wearing pearls which might also have a beneficial effect.

The Ox may find he is continually assessing and re-assessing what he desires the most this year.  He should aim to have realistic expectations and not be too disappointed if he doesn’t get his own way all of the time. He may need to learn some patience. One of his greatest gifts is his eye for detail. He should use this keen eye for good measure this year.

According to the Chinese zodiac Ox horoscope 2018 insight, for those already in partnerships, this will be the time when you may talk seriously about pregnancy. The Ox should always try to be completely open and honest in partnerships and then there is absolutely no reason why any situation cannot be sorted out satisfactorily. These men and women often like to maintain a certain degree of privacy from others and this can still be achieved even if they are more open and upfront. Such folk are generally blessed with great memories and so he is very unlikely to forget anything that has been said to him.

Employment And Job

Ox mandarin script imagePotentially this year is likely to be extremely busy and fulfilling for people born under this sign. The Ox may gain sufficient freedom to use his creative skills in the workplace and to be in charge. This will please him immensely. In the middle of the year, he should be particularly aware there are people out to stab him in the back. If he can keep a low profile at work things will be better for him there. He may need to learn to be less stubborn, more patient and to use his instincts and reflexes more efficiently. If necessary he might need to stay out of the limelight until it’s the right time for him to take control.

There could be delays in reaching targets and some difficulties in getting things done, but these people will succeed and, eventually, things will sort themselves out favourably. So long as the Ox remains focused at all times, others will notice how skilled he is. There could be an opportunity to relocate in work. This might be a management position and this may look to be a very attractive proposition. The Ox could enjoy an improved position as well as an increase in salary. This sign has a natural ambition to succeed and do well. Their family could be very proud and pleased with their achievements this year. And rightly so.

Wealth And Fiscal Success

Ox men and women will work very hard during this period according to Chinese Zodiac analysis and this could mean more money for them. They may still need to avoid making impulsive decisions where money is concerned and they should be very careful about investing money at this time. As such determined and focused hard-workers, they are bound to reap the successes this year will facilitate for them. Their lucky colours for attracting more wealth in will be blue, green and black. If they put a cup of water in their office this also could attract more wealth into their lives. They should steer clear of making any foolhardy snap decisions, especially in business since there could be one very confrontational client who could be extremely difficult and provocative towards them. They must learn to keep his cool for his own good.

There may need to be some careful budgeting but there should be money left over for travel and recreational interests. Men and women of this sign should be careful of too much self-indulgence and also impulsive spending. In this way, they can keep a careful track of their finances.

Wellbeing And Staying Healthy

In health, this Zodiac sign may be prone to viral infections like colds, headaches and flu. He should pay attention to his stomach and avoid too many late nights out partying. Also, these people should avoid consuming too many fatty and oily foods. Rather they should consume more natural foods and plenty of organic vegetables. Their energy levels will be high but they will need to optimise good health by doing the right things.

To help take care of his mental health he must ensure he has a good work/life balance and then he will be able to cope with almost anything that comes his way this year. Too much stress and strain associated with work will not be good for the Ox. If he has time for a sport this will be very beneficial for him. He could also make some good and lasting new friends.

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