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For Monkey people, the Year of The Brown Earth Dog is destined to be very rewarding and pleasant as well as quite intense and dynamic. There will be lots of good luck for these souls. They are destined to benefit from a small windfall, which will give them, even more, success than before. Even the smartest could have experienced a rough time in the year of the Rooster (2016) but this year will be much better for them and especially for males. These people will need to be flexible and ready to step out of their comfort zones if they are to get maximum benefits from this lunar cycle.

Future Outlook For Monkey Chinese Zodiac Individuals

Chinese Monkey graphicThere could be some family problems and difficulties in communication where Monkey folk will be called upon to give their advice and counsel to younger members of their family group. They may have to rack his brains to keep everyone happy, but he will sort things out. Youngsters might demand a lot of time but he will give it freely.

Time will seem to move quite fast and although this sign may feel he is on a roller coaster he will get loads of opportunities to further himself and develop his personal growth. The good news is this individual will make all of the right choices for himself. His intuition will be very strong and powerful. Typically determined, influential, ambitious, quick-witted and energetic, this Zodiac sign is destined to enjoy life on the move.

Although the year will settle down to a more predictable routine and pattern, most friends will be very helpful and the family will provide an important support network. However, he might need to get rid of friends who make him feel miserable. He may become a bit emotional which is uncharacteristic. Monkey folk should be able to make real and achievable plans for the future. It is a good year for moving house and/or for relocating in your job.

Romantic Love Insight

Love horoscope study shows the Monkey will enjoy all the romance in store for him. He is likely to meet a new partner in a most unlikely situation. He could also be attracted to someone from a different culture and/or a different country. Single people, especially the females, will enjoy much attention from prospective suitors. Emotions will be strong and the male will communicate clearly what he is looking for in a relationship. Ladies should wear red to attract new love and men should wear black.

For those Monkey’s already in relationships, things could need spicing up a bit so these people will not be backwards in coming forwards. Emotions might be all over the place this cycle and there could be some pain as well as pleasure. Sensible folk will try not to let work come between them and their loved ones.

Communication and complete honesty may be needed to fuel relationships in 2018. It’s a very good time to start planning for a baby. Despite the ups and downs of life, the charming Monkey people will have a great time in relationships. There will be much enjoyment for them and much fun and laughter.

Employment Futures

In work, this will be quite a dynamic year. Monkey folk will have loads of opportunities in their careers and this sign will excel, given half the chance. His creativity will flow and if he has any new ideas he should be ready to speak them out loud and clear. Bosses and seniors will notice this individual for his wild courage. He might need to model himself on the Dog over the 12-month period, particularly in terms of reliability and trustworthiness to gain respect and admiration.

There could be the need to adjust and readjust things in order to achieve desired aims. Certainly, some projects or undertakings may have to be re-worked for ideas to take real shape and get off the ground. If this causes these people some frustration, this is not a bad thing since they will need to focus and re-focus a few times in order to advance themselves through tricky situations. All this helps build up their characters in this lunar period.

Money And Fiscal Management

Monkey folk may need to focus in order to pay off debts and settle bills this year. After that has been done, they are free to spend their money on people they care about and themselves. To increase wealth, men and women should put a small plant in their office at work. They could make a real killing with small investments but they should stay away from gambling and avoid borrowing. Monkey Folk would be advised to stay clear of a big investment this year.

There could be some unforeseen expenditure which might catch these men and women unawares. Providing the Monkey is a little bit prudent he should enjoy free cash flow for much of the period even when youngsters put him under financial pressure. For those folk who try to sell their homes, there could be a good profit, but if you are buying a new home be careful you don’t pay over the odds.

Fitness And Wellbeing Information

Monkey folk might not feel highly energised all the time this year. They may need to work on strengthening their muscles. Cutting out sugar in their diets should boost health. There could be fevers and flu and stomach aches for this sign to endure. Becoming a bit more relaxed could aid health as well as taking regular exercise and eating lots of green vegetables.

Monkeys could suffer from weaknesses in body and soul in the year of the Dog if they get too stressed. Meditation or Yoga would be beneficial for them. Getting plenty of sleep and rest will also be important for them to keep them fit and alert.

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