What Is The Chinese Zodiac Sign For Leo?

What Is The Chinese Astrology Animal Equivalent To Leo?

The chinese zodiac monkey sign is the same as western LeoThe Chinese zodiac symbol for Leo is the Monkey and in the western zodiac, Lion people are born between July 23rd and August 22nd. These two signs are very similar and are all about showmanship. The Monkey is always ready to play and so is the lion. These signs are very bold and always willing to take the necessary risks to get what they want. The main difference between the two signs is that the Monkey is more curious, unconventional and flexible. Leo, on the other hand, is known to to be more loyal. Both of these signs want more than an ordinary life and the very thought of living that type of life is completely frustrating. You should think of the Leo as a childish King whereas the Monkey is more like a mischievous like a young child. They are both very proud and may even come across as arrogant.

Leo/Monkey individuals are always ready to try new things and have a true zest for life. They make fantastic friends and will always urge you to try new things and have a great deal of optimism. Both of these signs are very aware of their appearance and they go to great lengths to take care of themselves. Due to this, many others are typically attracted to them for their good looks and dashing style.

This duo is quite diplomatic, regal, intelligent and usually very well-spoken. They are always understanding of other viewpoints that are not their own and they are excellent communicators. However, they always like to know what is going on and if they are left out, then this can cause serious problems.

Both these signs enjoy helping others and are quite good at offering emotional support. However, once they are convinced that they are right about something, then they tend to expect everyone else to get on board with it. Essentially, they are like benevolent rulers and once you agree to their thoughts and plan of action, they will be kind and tolerant of you.

These signs are extremely ambitious and they can even become quite idealistic. They always try to be the best at whatever they do and they may also become business owners. Due to their high degree of ingenuity and tendency to overachieve, they are very confident of themselves. As a result of this, they are less likely to follow the advice of any other person since they will usually view it as being inferior.

Leo and Monkey have a strong desire for power as well as a lavish lifestyle. As a result of this desire and their own creativity and drive, they often succeed in all their endeavours quite quickly whereas it would have taken other persons many decades to achieve. They are also quite keen on love but prefer their relationships to be peaceful and simple and are very devoted to their partners.

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