Chinese Star Maps And Astrology

Chinese Star Maps And Astrology

China is one of the most populous nations in the world. It is enriched with great history and culture that does go back for many centuries. However; the nation was first recorded in a journal in the mid-fourteenth century. China in the traditional years did manage to gain a wealth of knowledge in the fields of medicine, astronomy, astrology, martial arts as well as in business that surpassed the common knowledge of the global society in the world. They would have scholars who would be very keen in advancing the knowledge already acquired and with the modern population of more than one million plebeians; china is always advancing its rich knowledge in all modern studies.

Chinese people love astronomy and astrology

The Chinese people have always loved astronomy and astrology as it is strongly related to the definitions of their destinies. They have strongly believed that through the astrological studies of analysing the positions of the stars, the character, personality and ultimate future can be determined. The Chinese have charts clearly drawn up with the registration of years with each year classified according to the group of aligned stars, the moon and the sun to define their future. This was traditionally used to help the society to understand the unique qualities of each other and this is the main reason why the Chinese adore both astronomy and astrology.

How Chinese star maps came about

Even though in European nations astrology and astronomy have been reported to be closely related even sometimes recognised as similar, in China both studies are linked as very different from each other.

In the history of China, the Chinese society has always drawn up numerous of star maps. One of the oldest star maps in China is M45 Fuxixingtu that was created around 4000 B.C. It was found in a Henan Puyang at a Neolithic grave. For this precise star map, the author did arrange clam shells in a big dipper shape at the northern side, a tiger shape at the western side and an azure dragon at the eastern side. Five other stars were also shaped in the star map.

Star Chart Asian style

Celestial Chinese charts example

The Chinese star maps lead to a great number of studies conducted by their descendants who formulated the strongly believed myths and traditional religious practices.

How the star maps are/were linked to Chinese astrology

The star maps are greatly linked to the Chinese astrology as they are reported to have contained at least one thousand three hundred stars. They provided a foundation of not only drawing up a calendar as aligned with the stars, there was an in- depth study of the how the stars were aligned each month of the year. This further lead to the formation of horoscopes that became very useful in the study of astrology. This is because the alignment of the stars clearly indicated how the sun, moon and stars were arranged with each new month and eventually each New Year. This spectrum of knowledge was also used to define the time of birth of every individual as well as the purpose they would fulfil on Earth. Even though there is no scientific evidence of how these predictions were accurate and true these studies of the sun, moon and star did create the foundation for astrological studies in the modern world.

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