What Is The Chinese Zodiac Sign For Cancer?

What Is Cancer Horoscope Sign In Chinese Astrology?

Chinese Goat zodiac sign equals Cancer Of all of the different Chinese zodiac signs, the Goat (or Sheep) is the sign that is considered to be the most pleasant and attractive. The goat is an animal that tends to be soft-spoken, has a love of family and home, and is cultured/elegant. These are some of the reasons why this creature was chosen to represent the Cancer zodiac in Chinese astrology.

Individuals who are in the same sign relationship have the ability to not only intuitively pick up on the mood of their partner, but they can also pick up on the moods of others around them. They are highly attuned to other people’s emotions, and this allows them to pick up on subtle cues that other people may not see. This is one of the advantages those born under this sign have over astrology signs that are not as ‘enlightened’.

Basic Personality Traits Of The Goat

Although most people are very comfortable spending time alone so they can sort out their emotions and feelings, they are actually more social than most people believe. They prefer not to be the boss when it comes to managing groups, and they generally spend a lot more time listening to others rather than talking. However, they will contribute to social circles when they believe the time is right.

This sign is also very good at taking the spotlight off of themselves so others can shine, and they do this without feeling jealous. When they are in relationships, they are romantic and sweet and prefer to take things slowly.

Another common trait with both the Chinese zodiac goat and its Western counterpart is that these individuals generally attract signs that are quick-tempered and stubborn. Even though these traits may make some individuals run away, These individuals happily accept the challenge because it means someone else will make the necessary decisions.

Traits Of Cancer Born Under The Goat

Those who are born under the Cancer cycle help to intensify the Cancer’s natural insecurities, dependability and nurturing. The Cancer’s natural tendency to want to be alone in thought is also deepened through the goat.

Although they are determined and hardworking, Cancers thrive when given reserve time to daydream about all of the possibilities life can bring. They are very caring when they are in a relationship, but when they give in to the desires and whims of others, it can cause damage to long-term relationships.

The Goat In Cancer Relationships

As previously discussed, Chinese goat men and women are very loyal and caring in relationships. They enjoy emotional intimacy, and even with their silent demeanour, they are pleasant, loving and tender.

This sign has to be careful when in relationships because they can become overly sensitive. If they receive criticism, they can take the comments personally.

Women love receiving flowers and other romantic gestures, while the men are romantic and charming in their own way.

The Goat was chosen for the sign of Cancer in oriental astrology because the animal represents many of the characteristics familiar with the sign. Loyal, quiet, docile and charming are just a few of the qualities that apply to the sign and the animal that represents it.

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