The Chinese Year Of The Rooster

The Chinese Year Of The Rooster

Chinese Fire Rooster 2017

Rooster year 2017

2017 heralds the arrival of the year of the Rooster in Chinese astrology. Rooster (for english speakers the Chicken or Cock) is the tenth of the twelve Chinese Zodiacs in the Chinese astrology lexicon and is the only bird species included in the zodiac lineup. known as the ‘Dawn Awaker’, this sign is credited with the characteristics of punctuality and loyalty. The sign is further divided into five elemental signs.

  • Water
  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Metal

People born in the following years fall under the sign of the Rooster:

1921 | 1933 | 1945 | 1957 | 1969

1981 | 1993 | 2005 | 2017 | 2029

This year will be the cycle of the Fire Roost

Lucky Astrologic Elements

Elements associated with this sign:

  • Lucky Numbers: 5, 7, 8 and other numbers that may contain them like 75 or 58
  • Lucky Colours: GLOD, BROWN and YELLOW
  • Lucky Flowers: GLADIOLA and COCKSCOMB
  • Lucky Directions: SOUTH and SOUTHEAST
  • Lucky Lunar Months: 2ND, 5TH and 11TH

Anticipating Bad Fortune

The unluckiest time for the twelve years Chinese Zodiac is the year of the sign itself. So, Rooster people born in 2017 for this sign must take most care during their year because fortune may not be as good in nearly all aspects of life.


General attributes of the fire signs include persistence, strength and dynamism nevertheless, they can be rather restless. They are very creative, enthusiastic and offer much warmth. Too much warmth on their part, however, may result in your getting burned. They can get aggressive and impatient which could lead to impulsive actions.

These people, in general, have a great sense of humour and quick wit but their sharp tongues can be both severe and vicious at times. People born under this zodiac sign are so brutally honest they might end up offending friends because they don’t seem to hold anything back. They are blissfully unaware of this fact and are equally surprised to find that they have offended others when they’re just being blunt for they dislike beating around the bush. If they don’t take the time to check themselves, they may end up losing friends.

Under the influence of the element of fire, these personalities become more outgoing. Those born in the Rooster year are extroverts and are excellent at manoeuvring through social situations. They are motivated individuals and are highly independent. They are perfectionists and believe that they’re unmatched in both their level of work and diligence. Though they work best when alone, they make for excellent team leaders because they have a keen eye for bringing people together. Fire roosters also inspire others through their extraordinary work ethic and excellent organisational skills.

Given all of these stellar qualities, expect people born in the Fire Rooster year to be a bit bossy. Because they are so talented and smart they fail to see other ways to go about things other than their own. Since they are also so frank, they don’t think twice about telling people what to do or to do as this sign wants things to get done.

Rooster men and women attract a reputation as the vainest of the five elemental signs. They are very concerned about what they look like and spend lots of time and effort to dress them. They strive to look their utmost best whenever they step out with friends. These men and women are always so preoccupied with their appearance and material things like fashionable clothes or beauty products.

Careers well suited to Rooster people born in the Lunar cycle of twenty seventeen: hairdressers, dentists, public relations officer, teacher, journalist, surgeon, police officer, athlete, salesperson and news anchor

Love Compatibility

This year exemplifies both fidelity and beauty. Men and women born in this year are likely to be humorous and kind-hearted individuals who do well with those born under the year of the snake, dragon and Ox. Roosters and Dragons have the same creative temperament and could make a great match because they will have common goals. On the other hand, an Ox can certainly spice up a Rooster’s typically dull existence. Snakes and Roosters are characteristic complements so their relationship will surely flourish. Whether the Rooster takes on the male or female incarnation in any of these matches, love will surely grow between them and the three signs.

The same cannot be said though for those born in the year of twenty-seventeen. They have strong personalities and when pit against one another, will likely end in a fight. They can be very arrogant at times and their fiery personalities will clash with fellow individuals from this sign or those under the Rat zodiac. This sign and Rats are never a good match because they are more prone to arguments than friendly exchanges. Similarly, these signs do not make a good love match with those born in the year of the rabbit because their characters are too far from one another. They make a poor match, having nearly nothing in common.

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