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Chinese Pig Horoscope 2018 Boar Study And Summary

For 2018 Pig (also known as Boar) men and women, the Year of the Brown Earth Dog is forecast as a time where they will feel most comfortable just being themselves. They will have many opportunities to make this an extremely good Chinese horoscope period for themselves, or if they make bad choices, an extremely bad year.  They may be inclined to make changes in their own lives, which is why their luck will change accordingly. If they make bad changes, then bad luck is likely to follow. The same is true if they make wise changes. Pig people are generally described as being courageous, friendly, sincere and loving folk. They can also be laid back and in 2018, they might need to shape up their ideas.

Star Sign Analysis For Pig (Boar) Individuals

Pig zodiac symbol (Chinese)Emotions may run high, especially within their family groups and close friendship circle. There could be disagreements and minor disturbances which the Pig may struggle to solve through giving his advice. This might be the best time simply to stand back and say nothing unless specifically asked to do so. Pig men and women could need to exercise caution when attempting to be the peacemaker since this year, their strategies may not work. However, they can learn a great deal through observing and listening.

Simply by being there, these people can make a big difference in family squabbles. They may not need to make any contribution other than being present and providing a willing ear if required. In this way, the Pig is likely to gain more respect from others.

Romantic Anticipation

This lunar cycle will be full of opportunities, especially for the single ladies, the Chinese love horoscope portents suggest. For single men, they may have to try a bit harder. Ladies should wear red and yellow to attract new love and men could wear some red accessories to enhance their luck in the romantic stakes. Where the ladies will have many suitors chasing after them, the males may have to make more of an effort. Ladies might have strong urges to get pregnant this year, but they would be wise not to rush in too hastily, especially when relationships are relatively short-lived.

This 12-month spell is likely to be about caring and sharing, but it is also about breaking up and making up. Even the most committed person could be tempted to stray, however, he would be very silly to indulge in anything more than a casual flirtation. Those wanting to try for a baby will be very lucky. These folk could make their own wishes and dreams come true in their love lives this year and without a doubt, there will be changes and differences for them. These people may experience others trying to pry into their private lives this year. It would be advisable for them to cut off ties with anyone who is too inquisitive.

Passions could be highly aroused this year in the love-life of these folk and based on good communication, 2018 could prove very enjoyable and beneficial. By deepening their understanding of partnerships Pig people will become more comfortable just being themselves. They will not have to work so hard in trying to do the right things. They should try to avoid being too sentimental or soppy the Chinese pig horoscope 2018 analysis suggests!

Workplace Outlook

Chinese scripture letter forthe Pig (Boar)In employment, this sign will have a much easier workload than last year. He is less likely to become stressed out. As the 12-month cycle moves on, there could be more responsibilities and the long term outlook for their employment seems very positive indeed. Keeping optimistic will be very helpful to career development. By maintaining friendly terms with everyone the Pig will be unlikely to have any enemies to oppose him.

People who matter will have already noted the Pig’s contribution and they could be instrumental in giving this sign a hand up. To get ahead there could be a major change in a role but it won’t be a problem since his energy levels are high and he will be able to match the demands made on him.

Male friends could be particularly helpful to Pig men and women in work but they should also beware of others who want to take away what they already have.These folk should try to dismiss any bad gossip they hear and ignore minor annoyances with co-workers.

Financial Thoughts

To attract new wealth the Pig person should put a plant in his office. Pigs ‘financial luck will be very average and there won’t be a lot of profits to come from investments. The best bet is to continue to save for a rainy day and avoid borrowing any more money. By wearing pink, and burgundy red this zodiac sign can help to attract more wealth into his life.

This sign might need to manage his money quite carefully and avoid spending in dribs and drabs. Only towards the end of the year can he indulge himself when he will have saved up a significant amount of cash to buy a large luxury item, perhaps a new home or a new car, or both.

The Chinese Zodiac Pig should agree to take on more hours at work if offered them as well as any opportunities to make more money.

Keeping Healthy And Well

This zodiac animal sign will be blessed with good health in the year of the Dog and he can continue this by eating sensibly and by getting enough exercise and also enough sleep. He could get tired from time to time, but he can help himself by taking time out to relax.

If this person focuses on his physical needs his mental health will remain strong. This year would be an excellent time to focus on a favourite hobby, or any creative and artistic skills the Pig is blessed with. He will gain much rejuvenation from spending time in this way when he is not absorbed by work-related affairs.

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Chinese Monkey Horoscope 2018 Forecast Insight

For Monkey people, the Year of The Brown Earth Dog is destined to be very rewarding and pleasant as well as quite intense and dynamic. There will be lots of good luck for these souls. They are destined to benefit from a small windfall, which will give them, even more, success than before. Even the smartest could have experienced a rough time in the year of the Rooster (2016) but this year will be much better for them and especially for males. These people will need to be flexible and ready to step out of their comfort zones if they are to get maximum benefits from this lunar cycle.

Future Outlook For Monkey Chinese Zodiac Individuals

Chinese Monkey graphicThere could be some family problems and difficulties in communication where Monkey folk will be called upon to give their advice and counsel to younger members of their family group. They may have to rack his brains to keep everyone happy, but he will sort things out. Youngsters might demand a lot of time but he will give it freely.

Time will seem to move quite fast and although this sign may feel he is on a roller coaster he will get loads of opportunities to further himself and develop his personal growth. The good news is this individual will make all of the right choices for himself. His intuition will be very strong and powerful. Typically determined, influential, ambitious, quick-witted and energetic, this Zodiac sign is destined to enjoy life on the move.

Although the year will settle down to a more predictable routine and pattern, most friends will be very helpful and the family will provide an important support network. However, he might need to get rid of friends who make him feel miserable. He may become a bit emotional which is uncharacteristic. Monkey folk should be able to make real and achievable plans for the future. It is a good year for moving house and/or for relocating in your job.

Romantic Love Insight

Love horoscope study shows the Monkey will enjoy all the romance in store for him. He is likely to meet a new partner in a most unlikely situation. He could also be attracted to someone from a different culture and/or a different country. Single people, especially the females, will enjoy much attention from prospective suitors. Emotions will be strong and the male will communicate clearly what he is looking for in a relationship. Ladies should wear red to attract new love and men should wear black.

For those Monkey’s already in relationships, things could need spicing up a bit so these people will not be backwards in coming forwards. Emotions might be all over the place this cycle and there could be some pain as well as pleasure.  Sensible folk will try not to let work come between them and their loved ones.

Communication and complete honesty may be needed to fuel relationships in 2018. It’s a very good time to start planning for a baby. Despite the ups and downs of life, the charming Monkey people will have a great time in relationships. There will be much enjoyment for them and much fun and laughter.

Employment Futures

In work, this will be quite a dynamic year. Monkey folk will have loads of opportunities in their careers and this sign will excel, given half the chance. His creativity will flow and if he has any new ideas he should be ready to speak them out loud and clear. Bosses and seniors will notice this individual for his wild courage. He might need to model himself on the Dog over the 12-month period, particularly in terms of reliability and trustworthiness to gain respect and admiration.

There could be the need to adjust and readjust things in order to achieve desired aims. Certainly, some projects or undertakings may have to be re-worked for ideas to take real shape and get off the ground. If this causes these people some frustration, this is not a bad thing since they will need to focus and re-focus a few times in order to advance themselves through tricky situations. All this helps build up their characters in this lunar period.

Money And Fiscal Management

Monkey folk may need to focus in order to pay off debts and settle bills this year. After that has been done, they are free to spend their money on people they care about and themselves. To increase wealth, men and women should put a small plant in their office at work. They could make a real killing with small investments but they should stay away from gambling and avoid borrowing. Monkey Folk would be advised to stay clear of a big investment this year.

There could be some unforeseen expenditure which might catch these men and women unawares. Providing the Monkey is a little bit prudent he should enjoy free cash flow for much of the period even when youngsters put him under financial pressure. For those folk who try to sell their homes, there could be a good profit, but if you are buying a new home be careful you don’t pay over the odds.

Fitness And Wellbeing Information

Monkey folk might not feel highly energised all the time this year. They may need to work on strengthening their muscles. Cutting out sugar in their diets should boost health. There could be fevers and flu and stomach aches for this sign to endure. Becoming a bit more relaxed could aid health as well as taking regular exercise and eating lots of green vegetables.

Monkeys could suffer from weaknesses in body and soul in the year of the Dog if they get too stressed. Meditation or Yoga would be beneficial for them. Getting plenty of sleep and rest will also be important for them to keep them fit and alert.

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Chinese Goat Horoscope 2018 Zodiac Outlook

This year is destined to be positive for the normally shy and creative Goat people. There are likely to be changes but the changes are your choices and will be initiated by you. Change can be good and in getting rid of the old, we allow the new to enter our lives. These individuals might find themselves losing concentration or even losing their tempers over small things. Children and family, as well as romantic affairs and sports, are likely to be the main focus for these men and women in the year of The Brown Earth Dog.

Predictive Insight For Goat (Sheep) Chinese Zodiac People

Chinese Goat imageryGoat folk could need to learn to mind their own business in the personal affairs of others although this year is likely to be a time of preparation for the future in their own particular affairs. There will be great respect and admiration for the special talents of these characters. There will be lots of gossips around for these people to feed on, but if wise, the Goat should watch his own back and keep himself out of trouble. He will be faced with many choices and many opportunities. His focus should be on making the right decisions.

Goat folk will look forwards and not backwards. In the year of the Rooster (2017), Goat men and women were left reeling from the obstacles thrown in their way, but the Year of 2018 is much friendlier towards them. Roosters can be very aggressive towards Goat (Sheep ) men and women.

The family will be a big priority and there could be a much talked about new addition to families. The sign will be bright, confident and optimistic in 2018, staying strong and true to his wishes and dreams.

This sign may be required to absorb a loss in his family group during this period as well as celebrate a birth. Friends will be very important although new friends will bring the most excitement. If the Goat starts up a new business it will do well. It will also allow freedom for the creative and artistic nature of this sign to be expressed.

Keeping peace and harmony around him will be one of the priorities this year and despite minor arguments family will always rally round. There could be some changes in close relationships and the Goat should take care that he doesn’t exhibit too many black moods around those who care for him. It would be silly to alienate the people who really care for him by using cross words and acting in a thoughtless way.

Romantic Affairs

Chinese Goat (Sheep) symbology pictureIn romantic affairs, these people are likely to approach things a bit differently this cycle. They might do things they wouldn’t normally do, go to unusual places to meet others and say things they wouldn’t normally say. Providing they are not too random, they could meet a future partner this year but probably it will turn out to be someone they already know. Women should wear blue and green to attract new love in and Goat men should wear black.

If the Zodiac Goat is attached and in a relationship, he should work at spicing up sexual intimacy. This sign can be quite lusty and this lunar cycle will allow him the freedom to express his true nature. There will certainly be lots of passion in the bedroom and as a result, there could be a pregnancy. For other individuals, there could be some emotional upheaval where fault-finding and other niggles cause arguments and unsettlement. These people should try not to be too judgemental and unrealistic about what they expect from their long-standing partners. It is only by really listening to one another that you will achieve harmony.

Workplace Harmony

This Zodiac sign may face a low workload at the beginning of the year but as time passes, there will be more work coming his way. By focusing on small details, the Goat person could get himself noticed by seniors. Working with others in teams will be highly important over the 12-month period and there could be a pay rise or even a promotion. There could be someone at work who wants to stab the Goat person in the back so he should be wary of others and he should not pay attention to rumours and gossip generated by false others.

If the Goat wants to continue to excel in his career he might need to embark on new training courses. Men and women have a tremendous capacity for hard work and in 2018 they will be well-rewarded. He or she may need to watch stress levels as they could rise as more responsibilities are given to these individuals.

Wealth Future

The Goat horoscope 2018 study reveals that this year there could be an unexpected expense in the summer months though, generally, the financial luck will be good. To attract more wealth in you should wear blue and dark brown. If you put a cup of water in your office this also could attract in good luck.   This sign may need to be cautious with spending and avoid borrowing and lending money. Things might be tight initially but this will pass and as the year moves on the Goat will have a healthy inflow of income. There could be some sort of legacy left which will help them tremendously. They are natural savers and this year will be no different. Money is their security blanket. They should beware of theft and robbery.

Healthier Living

In terms of his health, this sign may have to face some challenges because of low moods and depressions. This may be caused by stress. Positive activities such as sport can alleviate depression. The Goat should try to eat well and may be drawn to organic and natural foods. The danger area for the Goat will be when he eats more and exercises less. He could become ill if he doesn’t watch his diet. He may also favour the use of home remedies rather than attending the doctor’s surgery.

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Chinese Rabbit Horoscope 2018 Outlook Summary

The Year of the Brown Earth Dog will be full of changes and shake-ups for creative and imaginative Zodiac Rabbit folk in 2018. These men and women will need to go with the flow to cope with all the unsettlement in their lives. They could experience a lot of good luck particularly in career and in personal wealth. It is an excellent period for making sales in property or in insurance. It is also a very good time to apply for new positions.

Future Forecasting For Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Individuals

Rabbit chinese symbol graphicThe changes, ironically, will be largely initiated by Rabbit men and women for themselves. For once, the folk of this zodiac sign will be less shy and more ready to speak up and address issues head-on. They are also likely to be more focused, more direct, bolder and full of self-confidence and high self-esteem. This could be a very smooth and prosperous year, providing they put in the hard graft and don’t get distracted.

Rabbit folk may be most honest with friends and family members, learning powerful lessons from speaking out and being true to their inner selves. They will lust after more free time for recreational hobbies and this is likely to come across in what they have to say. Free time, as well as free-flowing money, will make them very happy. They are less likely to pursue a careless or superficial lifestyle and become more responsible for their actions. The downside is that to others they may appear a bit thoughtless of the consequences and they may cause offence and open up old wounds through voicing their opinions and thoughts so bluntly.

Rabbit individuals could easily upset people closest to them in lunar 2018 by speaking out in such a deliberately plain manner and by bringing up sensitive issues from the past. This is a bit out of character since their personalities are invariably affectionate, sensitive, empathic, emotional and humorous. The good news is they may clear the air and there will be little room for any doubt or misunderstandings after they have had their say. Those closest to these individuals could be very hurt by their words so this is worth a mention for any people of this sign reading this horoscope.

Romantic Prospects

Rabbit individuals could attract in much love interest this year, the Chinese rabbit horoscope 2018 analysis advises. For those in committed relationships, your bonds will grow stronger although you may do some intense soul-searching first to try to figure out exactly what it is you want from the relationship. There will be greater emphasis on caring and sharing. Singletons could turn on attached Rabbits and cause all sorts of problems through jealousy and envy.

Partners may be a bit bewildered by this sign’s forthrightness. The upside is that sexual relations will improve as a direct result of such frank discussions. It is an excellent time to plan for a baby and there will be no trouble in conceiving one.

For the single person, there is likely to be much excitement and many new partners to choose from. Women should wear white and men should wear yellow in order to attract luck in romance. Emotional levels will rise and Rabbit folk may approach their love lives in a rather precarious manner. They must be careful not to openly criticize their partners or this could lead to a potentially very damaging situation. It is likely that Rabbit folk have learnt some powerful lessons last year and they will be able to move and think much faster this now. This means that all the advantages will be theirs.

Professional Employment

Chinese Rabbit letter symbolAt first, these people could experience some delays in their line of work, however, the general trend is upward and positive and I do foresee bosses noticing your talents and rewarding you accordingly with pay raises and promotions as time moves forward. Many individuals will have to work on their action plans to make the sort of progress they truly desire. Other Rabbit folks could become uncharacteristically ambitious, and single-mindedly be seeking out a better lifestyle. They will work extremely hard to reap the rewards.

In business, there could be some very lucrative deals. Co-workers will need to be cultivated since they could be extremely useful to you in the future. They must be careful not to make small mistakes in their work by not paying sufficient attention to detail.

For some men and women, there could be a complete change of direction. Certainly, this year has the potential to bring turmoil into the lives of Rabbit people. This sign will ultimately be driven by the need to feel happy and content in what they do. A piece of jade or crystal put in the workplace will help calm the environment and bring inner peace and harmony to all who work there.

Monetary Forecasting

Luck will favour 2018 Rabbit people in their financial affairs. To attract in even more luck with money, try to wear different shades of brown and beige. They will make conscious efforts to pay off loans and settle outstanding debts so they will have more free money. At times they might find it hard not to spend, particularly if they see someone else in need. This is a good period to invest in property.

Health Maintenance

Health could be up and down for Rabbit men and women. Energy levels could drop quite significantly so the best thing they can do is adopt regular eating and sleeping patterns so they can exercise regularly too. Eating cucumber and pumpkins would be very beneficial for you. It will be important to monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Older male Rabbit family members could be quite poorly this year.

Meditation and Yoga are thoroughly recommended for this sign to help fend off minor health issues. Your sense of optimism over these 12 months will help your mental stability. Be sure to trust your intuition in all things.

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Chinese Rat Year Horoscope 2018 Personality And Future

For 2018 Rat folk, the Year of The Brown Earth Dog will give you time to focus on your own personal interests and hobbies. You are likely to have high energy levels and will be able to cope with the ups and down this period will bring. There could be some sadness to deal with but overall it will be a satisfying 12 months.

Star Sign Overview For Chinese Zodiac Rat People

chinese rat astrology symbolTo avoid being bored, Rat people should seek to get away from the mundane and routine tasks that weary them. They are intelligent enough to make life very interesting if they so choose and this is most likely what this sign will do this year. Their family life could prove exciting in an unexpected way, although there could be some misunderstandings to sort out. The Rat should endeavour to stay clear of those who try to give him grief and trust his instincts. Being a protective and loving sort of individual that folk like to talk to these people will know instinctively whether folk are genuine towards him or not.

Rats are usually clever charming people who tend to be a bit restless. They are very good organisers and excellent thinkers and planners. For those Rat men and women who have been a bit shallow in the past, there could be a change in the depth of their emotional levels and they would do well to learn some tact and diplomacy. Rat folk may take time out to reflect on some of their less than appropriate their past actions. If they are honourable they should vow never to repeat such behaviour in the future. Rat family members are likely to encourage people to listen to them and show them the respect they deserve. They should try to keep the family as close as possible this year, which is not this sign’s usual course of action. The sensible Rat will realise the benefits of having loved ones close and offering unconditional support.

Relationships And Romance For Rat In Year 2018

Channels of communication between loved ones will need to be kept fully open during this cycle so that relationships can develop favourably and the Rat gets a deeper insight into how to keep peace and harmony all around.

In love, these folk may be tempted to make new things happen. They are capable of causing things to be different and make their partners eager for change also. This is a good year for sexual relationships although these men and women may be on a short fuse at times.

For the single Rat, the female should wear yellow to attract good luck in romance and the male would benefit from wearing some red and green. The single males may not be so fortunate in love as the females but they are likely to meet many more new people and make many new friends.

The Rat’s love life is likely to be very happy and positive providing they avoid impulsive and immature behaviour. He may feel he has learnt well from past mistakes this year and should avoid making quick hasty decisions, especially in affairs of the heart where folk can get easily hurt.

Known for their optimistic and bright outlook, these men and women will bring about important changes that will clear the air in personal relationships. It is an excellent time to plan for a new family and conceive a child.

The Workplace And Performance

Astrology chinese rat letter imageThis sign is likely to seek out new things for himself in his work the Chinese rat horoscope 2018 study reveals. He will want to prove himself and his personal qualities so is likely to be ready to make the sacrifices necessary to do that. Rats are most likely to prosper if they continue to work on their PR skills. There are indications in my 2018 Rat horoscope of both a pay rise and a promotion.

The Rat will be blessed with boundless energy and this will serve him well in his job. His creative talents and abilities are likely to flourish and he will be more likely to manage his time better. Others will talk about him in a good way, admiring him for his professionalism and skills.

During the 2018 cycle, this sign is likely to grow in self-confidence this year, and, with the success that follows,  will be increasingly active in meeting his own targets as well as helping others to meet theirs. Seniors will note his contributions and he will be much admired. The Rat should be wary of others who may try to interfere with his good progress and cause him problems.

Money And Wealth Opportunities

Finances should be fine in 2018, even though money may come in slowly. So long as the Rat is careful, using his money wisely and investing cautiously things will be fine. If tempted to spend impulsively he should avoid it. The colours of red, green and purple can help attract money into the coffers.

There could be an unexpected expense in the summer months which this person may struggle to meet, though he will continue to be shrewd and wise and be very careful when parting with money.

The Rat should avoid legal disputes at all costs and should wait until his monetary situation is stable before he spends any further. His focus should be on paying bills, clearing outstanding debts and being a responsible citizen where money is concerned. If he can restrain himself in this way, there will be lots of pleasure in spending his money when the time is right.

Health And Wellbeing Insight

The Chinese Zodiac Rat will need to focus on getting enough exercise this year. A regular routine would be best for him.  He should be careful of getting cuts from knives and other sharp objects. He should also take care of his liver and kidneys.

Eating the right foods will help the Rat stay fit and healthy and ensure his energy levels are good. These people should favour lots of leafy green vegetables in their diet. They should avoid faddy diets. Keeping busy will boost morale through the year and keep spirits up. This will be important for the Rat ’s mental stability.

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