About George Tang

George Tang is the professional online publishing pseudonym for a consulting London-based astrologer who wishes to remain anonymous at this point in time. This anonymity is important as ‘George’ is fully engaged with clients at the current time and has no capacity for new clients to work him.

This online project contains information provided by the owner of this website and published under the name of ‘George Tang’. This information is authentic and original, offered to the general public as part of ‘George’s’ desire for an online presence and connection with a public audience. It is ‘George’s’ intention to publish annual horoscope information and forecasting for the foreseeable future.

‘George’ was born in Hong Kong while still a British Colony and moved to the UK in 1973, settling in the Gerrard’s Cross area of London. A longstanding Anglophile, ‘George’ has made his lifetime home in the UK and is well known within the local Chinese community in and around Gerrard’s Cross. In a working capacity ‘George’ has, over many years, delivered professional Chinese horoscope analyses, charting and star-map interpretations. As a consulting astrologer for over 25 years, ‘George’ remains very engaged with the Astrology community in both London and across the UK.

‘George’ is a member of the Astrological Association Of Great Britain

‘George’ may be contacted via the contact page on this site but please be aware that, due to professional commitments, George may not be able to replay in your particular case.



Gerrards Cross
United Kingdom

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