Chinese Tiger Horoscope 2020 - Latest Chinese Zodiac Study

Chinese Tiger Horoscope 2020 – Zodiac Analysis

Tiger Horoscope For 2020

Yin or Yan: Yan

Element: Wood

Earthly Branch: Yin

Lunar Month Cycle: First

020 Chinese Tiger horoscope image red and goldFor people born under this zodiac sign, my Chinese Tiger horoscope analysis for 2020 points to an especially promising year and one where people of this sign can have much success potentially. This is a year to have confidence and not to ponder or overthink new opportunities that come along. It is a time to take action in your life and not spend an age thinking of every possible question that can arise from a new experience. This is an excellent lunar cycle for Tiger men and women but there will be challenges to test them along the way. However, such challenges can be faced by this most confident of zodiac signs and this is not something to be fearful off but something to be addressed confidently.

For those Tiger men and women already in a relationship, this will be a year of great satisfaction. A time when thinking is in tune both partners are very much into each other. This is a time to up the gear in commitment for your partner and pay that person a lot of attention. You will get it back, doubly so and strengthen the relationship even further as a result. Some conflicts may still arise even in this very positive situation and Tiger people may find they occasionally need to make their independence clear and not be pushed around. For single snake men and women, this may be a year for an important liaison. There are good indications that if such an opportunity comes along it may well be the basis of a very satisfying long-term relationship.

Chinese Tiger Horoscope Work, Wellbeing And Wealth

In the workplace, Tiger people may find that efforts made previously will pay off in 2020. This is an area where Tiger people may be very able and they should keep on doing what they have been doing as this should already be proving successful. A promotion bonus payment is indicated from charts. More than many, this is a year when working hard, cultivating colleagues and aiming to impress managers can pay real dividends.

Financially, there looks to be the possibility of change this year, however, if these changes are negative they will be minor and easily resolved. This is likely to be a year when Tiger men and women get more pleasure from spending their money on others than themselves. This should bring happiness when such opportunities arise,

A very energetic year is predicted by my Chinese Tiger horoscope studies, as is a little more impulsiveness than normal. Both of these in combination can offer the chance to make significant changes in lifestyle which can be great for health. However, snake people should be measured in any changes they plan to make and take care not to overstretch themselves to their detriment. This is a year where gastric issues may be a feature and these people should take care to look after themselves in the area of digestion and eating.

Final Outro – Zodiac Chinese Tiger Horoscope Closing Thoughts

2020 looks to be a year where there may be some early challenges in the first few months but this situation should improve from march forward. The summer period looks to be potentially very busy but also offering an opportunity for travel. Towards the end of the year, there will be a very positive few months when Tiger people should make sure to prioritise their own interests and needs above work for the needs of other people. The final few months of the year are a good time to take on new projects on a personal level and Tiger men and women should be alert to and seize such opportunities as they come along in the year of the Rat.

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