Chinese Rooster Horoscope 2020 – Predictive Study

Rooster Horoscope For 2020

Yin or Yan: Yin

Element: Water

Earthly Branch: Water

Lunar Month Cycle: Eighth

Chinese Rooster horoscope zodiac image red and goldAnalysis of charts for the 2020 Chinese Rooster horoscope shows an especially successful year ahead of the men and women of this zodiac sign. This is likely to be quite an emotional period and therefore will almost inevitably have consequences and knock-on effects for relationships with partners and friends or family. This is a year to make sure that these people remain in charge of their impulsive side and not be too quick to make decisions that may later prove rash. Rooster individuals should see this as a year to focus on others and not themselves and can expect good fortune if putting friends and family first. If these people are drawn into family arguments and squabbles then they must take extra care to listen to both sides of the problem and not rush to judgement. The honest broker as a role for Rooster people to play in 2020.

Looking at the love portents for this year, my Chinese Rooster horoscope shows a very positive cycle for those already in a relationship. This is a time to think about growing the relationship in a climate of warmth and love while avoiding stagnation and the humdrum of daily life. Rooster couples should see this as a time of great happiness for the relationship while exercising a cautious eye over factors that may negatively influence it. For the single person this also looks a positive year and these people will be looking for that special, exclusive relationship during this lunar cycle. There is a good chance this can be achieved in 2020. However, it’s important for single men and women not to cast an eye out for that absolutely perfect person because there is a risk they will avoid noticing somebody special who might come along in the meantime. It may well be that this person could lead to great happiness so be careful not to avoid a compatible friend while waiting for a perfect prince or princess

Chinese Rooster Horoscope 2020 Lifestyle Forecasting

Rooster people may find that, in the workplace, they feel much more impulsive and assertive than previously. It is important that such feelings are measured so these people should make sure not to act on their impulsive feelings without first raining themselves in considering what the outcomes might be. Impulsive action during this period at work may have consequences that last several years. This is also a year when the value of these people may be noticed and they can expect extra responsibility or perhaps the leadership of a new piece of work. They should use these opportunities to project themselves in the work environment without upsetting colleagues and co-workers.

Financially this looks to be a comfortable year for Roosters and they should benefit from any extra work they do professionally. It may be that a man or woman is in a position to be passing on some of their financial gains to a friend or family and second thoughts about the wisdom of this may arise during this period. Doubts may arise from a recent experience or event or perhaps through changes in policies that affect life. Rooster should also ensure that they don’t overextend themselves on behalf of other people and retain enough of their wealth to ensure a comfortable year for themselves.

Finishing Up – Chinese Rooster Horoscope Closing Remarks

My Chinese Rooster horoscope analysis suggests that this will be a stable year for health but in some cases, there may be a need for advanced treatment or an operation. These people should make sure they don’t put either off as an early decision to avoid the treatment could have long-lasting consequences. Try to make this a year of balanced eating and increase in activity and it should be a healthy 2020 for the Rooster.

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