Chinese Rabbit Horoscope 2020 – Insight Guidance

Rabbit Horoscope For 2020

Yin or Yan: Yin

Element: Wood

Earthly Branch: Tree

Lunar Month Cycle: Second

2020 Chinese Rabbit horoscope graphic red and goldMy charts for the 2020 Rat year and Chinese Rabbit horoscope show that this is a year of self-awareness for people born under the zodiac sign of the Rabbit. Learning of new or enhancement of, skills during the next 12-month cycle is an area to focus on for these men and women. This will stand them in good stead in the years to come. Overall, 2020 looks to be a very positive year but one that occasionally sees some high tension. These men and women should take care to avoid resulting stress and try and maintain as calm a life as they can.

All the Chinese Rabbit horoscope indicators suggest that 2020 is going to be a very sensual and revolutionary year for these people. This may manifest itself in a greater degree of passion or attraction to a new love interest. For those Rabbit men and women already in a relationship, this will be a time to work on joint projects relating to the relationship. Change and new original experiences will be particularly prominent in your love thoughts this year and you may want to move your love life forward by experimenting in new areas with your partner. Overall, expectation about the relationship and its future will be high with both partners which may lead to some friction. So time for both partners to exercise realism and not expect or demand too much from the other. Single Rabbits looking for a new relationship in 2020 have a very good chance of finding one. Indeed, ‘love at first sight’ may apply here and the workplace is a likely area for this new person to emerge from. It is very likely that there will be a very formative encounter for the single Rabbit in this period and may well alter the individual’s perception of how they see relationships. The Chinese Rabbit horoscope indicates that even with this overwhelming storm, it will be important not to commit to quickly to this new person.

Chinese Rabbit Horoscope Lifestyle Insights

For Rabbit men and women with their career in mind, this will be a year where initiatives and performance in the previous year begin to bear fruit. These people should gain more insight about their performance and future during this period which may include recommendations to learn new skills. If so then this opportunity to expand the skill set should be grasped. This is a good year to work with colleagues who may very well be an essential support for you to achieve the necessary performance during this period.

Financially this is a year for the Rabbit person to concentrate on paying off any commitments or debts, the Chinese Rabbit horoscope suggests. It is not a time to carry historic debt into the new cycle as they will bring stress and hold people back from progressing this year. It is worth spending some time this year reevaluating financial commitments and looking at a cleanup of budgets and monthly outgoings. This is a time to prioritise paying off of outstanding debt rather than focusing on buying new things. This is also a good time to review savings and consider whether these can be increased on a regular basis.

Signing Off – Final Chinese Rabbit Horoscope Thoughts

In 2020 Rabbit people can expect to be busy and attract stressful periods. It will be worth considering whether there are de-stressing techniques that could be applied that would help decrease levels. This may include increased exercise and more time on pleasurable pursuits and a more balanced approach to career. It is a time to stay active and make sure that the Rabbit man or woman’s diet is well structured and balanced.

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