Chinese Pig Horoscope 2020 – Zodiac Forecasting

Pig Horoscope For 2020

Yin or Yan: Yin

Element: Water

Earthly Branch: Hai

Lunar Month Cycle: Tenth

Chinese pig horoscope image red and goldMy Chinese pig horoscope analysis for 2020 indicates this is a positive year for people born under this animal zodiac sign. It is likely that the previous year has been quite a variable one for these men and women but 2020 should take on a more tranquil air, especially in the early months. Their confidence may have taken a knock last year but these men and women should find that they begin to feel a lot better about themselves and reacquire self-confidence that they have been used to. This is a year of personal freedom my charts suggest and people born under the sign should be most productive and focused, be it professionally or personally. Stability in life is a factor this year though these people may need to pay particular attention to their health over the coming 12 months.

2020 is a year for romance and men and women of this zodiac sign can expect a more intense and committed time in affairs of the heart. Don’t hesitate to demonstrate how much your partner means to you if you are in a current relationship and this will compound what is a brilliant year for relationships. For single Pigs, there may well be a highly significant encounter this year. Indeed it could well be one that will put your life in a spin. Single people can expect to be much more socially active this year which will have a positive impact on those seeking relationships. Single people should be prepared for a particularly active time in pursuing a new relationship towards the end of the year, the Chinese pig horoscope suggests. If already in a committed relationship then Pig people can expect a relationship to deepen and this should be celebrated and shared with friends and family.

Chinese Pig Horoscope Health, Wealth And Finances

Chinese Pig horoscope indicators show that this is a year where Pig people will feel more motivated and with increased ambition in the workplace. Coincidentally, this also looks an extremely good year to achieve a promotion or progression at work. It’s important to invest time and commitment in colleagues and bosses at work this year as these relationships will help you progress. You can expect more responsibilities professionally even if not promoted and this will give you more authority and success in your chosen line of work.

For Pig people this is a positive financial year so if you are in business you should take care not to plan expansion or major cost investment during 2020. This is a year when these men and women will be tempted into frivolous spending which may risk debt so these people must take care. This is definitely a year to only spend money you actually have and not look to incur debt through the taking on of loans or other forms of financing.

Indicators suggest that there may be a chance of some health issues in 2020 the big people but these are likely to be minor. No major health problems are predicted based on current alignments but it is important to take care of health nonetheless. A good area to focus on in 2020 is the strengthening of the immune system and it may be worth investigating additional vitamin supplements to help. Along with this is a good year to reassess your diet and exercise levels and consider whether an improvement in one or both would be beneficial. And ensure enough sleep can be achieved, particularly if you are pushing hard at work for advancement and life is stressful.

Final Thoughts – Chinese Pig Horoscope Closing Words

Overall this is a positive year for people born under the zodiac sign of the Pig also you may begin the year in something of a dilemma over important decisions. However this is likely to be the hardest time of the year and the remainder looks to be highly positive, full of energy and enthusiasm. Consider what I have said about progression at work, health and be careful not to place too much trust in people you have just met, Pig people (especially in the workplace).

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