Chinese Horse Horoscope 2020 – Zodiac Insights

Horse Horoscope For 2020

Yin or Yan: Yan

Element: Fire

Earthly Branch: Wu

Lunar Month Cycle: Fifth

Zodiac Horse symbol 2020 red and goldMy 2020 Horse horoscope shows that people born under this Chinese Zodiac sign may encounter important and surprising elements in this New Year. These people do not enjoy unpredictability so it will be a good move to address any surprises as early as possible before they can create disruption. This is a very favourable year for Horse men and women so they should act quickly to avoid unforeseen issues clouding their year. They should have confidence in their ability to deal with problems and look deep within themselves for the strength to succeed. Beyond this, 2020 is a particularly suitable year to work on those bad habits and indulgences that can plague the best of us. Instead, why not try something new that can bring a new dimension to your life and perhaps increase your social circle.

Chinese love astrology indicators suggest that this will be a good period for relationships and for those already in one could mean a good time to begin a family. Those couples that may have issues in their relationship can be confident that this is a particularly good time to work on the relationship and achieve reconciliation if wanted. This is a year for long term commitment if that is the inclination of Horse men and women. Existing relationships should have a predominantly comfortable 2020 while single people may have liaisons that don’t amount to their truest love. However, there is a very good chance that your true love will appear on the horizon during this metal Rat period if you are single. That said it is quite possible that the singletons this year will bring many short-lived new relationships to which long-term commitment is not wanted by Horse men or women. Humour will be important in all relationships this year and there is a good possibility of harmony in most. There will be times for some Horse men and women when an existing relationship may appear a little humdrum or stagnant. If so then this is a year for patients because after such a period the indicators are strong at an exciting and spicy time may soon follow.

Chinese Horse Horoscope Lifestyle Thoughts

Financially, this may be a time where the money is occasionally in short supply but Horse men and women shouldn’t despair as this is very normal. Providing these people plan well ahead and exercise control over how they spend their money there should be a turnaround fairly quickly when such shortages occur. If some additional funds are available then this is a year that is best devoted to investment rather than indulging in frivolous spending. If there is a rocky period early in 2020 than the Chinese astrology indicators suggest things will improve in the latter part of the year.

There are some suggestions from my Chinese Horse horoscope 2020 analysis that health may pose some challenges in this cycle. It is possible that people born under the sign may find themselves in bed a wheelchair or on crutches in 2020. If this happens then because of the energetic and outgoing nature of Horse people they will find it quite a challenge and will have to be disciplined in their recovery. These people should take particular care if participating in active sports or experiences and make sure that extra precautions are taken if needed. Do not be tempted to cut corners all the above confinement issue could arise.

Closing Notes – Chinese Horse Horoscope Final Thoughts

This is a year for good luck but take care not to go wild Horse person! While this is destined to be a lucky year it’s quite possible that ill-considered ventures could spin out of control and create problems. Don’t push your luck too far!

Master George

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