The Year of the Pig in Chinese Astrology

The Pig Cycle from 2019 to 20202019, the twelfth year of the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac, is called the Year of the Pig. This year is believed to bring luck in various aspects of one’s life-relationships, family and work, and it starts from 5th Feb 2019 to 24th Jan 2020. It is also a time for the Chinese people to indulge in celebrations in the form of city processions, wearing unique and colourful pig costumes and preparing and eating delicious foods. There’s also a desire to be generous and extravagant with friends, family and lovers. So what can we expect from this zodiac year?

The Origin of the Year of the Pig

The Pig is the last Zodiac creature on the lunar calendar used by the Chinese. Interestingly, the 12-year cycle of the Year of the Pig started in 1923 and has since been celebrated in the rich Chinese culture, hence, include 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 and now 2019. The pig is considered an unfavourable animal, known to eat more and oversleep. A myth by Jade Emperor explained that the animal attained the 12th position after arriving late for a party. The pig had overslept and arrived late at the party. Another myth explains that the wolf had destroyed pig’s house and had to rebuild it before setting off for the party. As such, he was the last individual to arrive at the party and could only take the twelfth place.

What it means to be born in the Pig year

Those born during this year are believed to be independent, responsible and optimistic. The lucky numbers of people born during this year include 2, 5 and 8, and their lucky colours include brown, yellow, gold and grey. People born during these years are also believed to show generosity and compassion towards others, which helps them foster harmonious interpersonal relationships. Men, for example, are gentle, optimistic and focused. They are not good at handling money and often trust people easily, which can cause them to lose a fortune. Men born under the pig Zodiac are also quiet and know how to treat people warmly.

Women with a Pig Zodiac are full of excitement. Thus, they enjoy attending social events and gain everyone’s trust quickly. They are also lucky in creating wealth through hard work. At home, they like creating clean and organised spaces. They also love kids.

However, the year 2019 may be full of ups and downs in all respects. While they may receive help and support from colleagues, they may be under immense pressure. Their fortune in wealth may be pretty promising hence, they should expect a salary raise and obtain additional income from other sources. Female singles of the pig zodiac may be lucky to start a relationship. There are different types of people (pigs) born between the years 1935-2019:

• The Wood pig: This kind was born in the years 1935 and 1995. They are endurable, honest and straightforward but they can be hotheaded.

• The Fire pig: Those born in the years 1947 and 2007. They are cooperative, independent, greatly ambitious and have good luck in creating wealth.

• The Metal pig: Born in the years 1971 and 1911. They are open-minded, helpful and frank.

• The Earth pig: Those born in the years 2019 and 1959 and are believed to be good at maintaining interpersonal relationships.

• The Water pig: Those born in the years 1983 and 1923. They are serious, responsible and independent.

How the Year is Celebrated

Whether you were born in one of the pig’s year or not, you ought to celebrate, and there are different ways of commemorating this year. Traditionalists recommend decorating the house with gold and red colours. Red and gold colours are believed to convey prosperity and happiness in China. Some people are so generous that they give red envelopes stashed with cash to friends and family members. Certain foods are also prepared for this particular celebration- rice cakes that denote prosperity, dumplings that signify success, citrus fruits for health and whole fish for abundance.

Compatibility with this zodiac sign

The perfect matches for people born during this year are the sheep, tiger and rabbit. These combinations have a high possibility of creating long-term commitments that may result in marriage. Pigs should avoid the monkey and the snake. Their personalities are incredibly different, stubborn and often create conflict.

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