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Chinese Ox Horoscope 2018 Insight And Prediction

Being one of the strongest symbols of the Chinese Zodiac, the Ox may think he is able to cruise through the Year of The Brown Earth Dog with ease. However, the 2018 Ox may need to be completely honest with himself this year and agree with himself that it might be a good idea to wait for a luckier time to come his way and not be quite so arrogant. He had a wonderful year in 2016 with the outrageous Monkey and during the Year of the Rooster (2017) things couldn’t have got much better. The Year of the Dog, on the other hand, may offer some rather different prospects. This sign might have to listen more to others and keep an eye on the world around him so he can be a bit more flexible and adapt to the needs of others.

Astrology Summary For Chinese Zodiac Ox Men And Women

Ox zodiac imageIt has the potential to be an interesting time and there is potentially much brightness and joy available to be had. He will be largely responsible for making the right decisions and choices himself this year.

The family of these men and women are likely to make small gestures which will be very pleasing and unexpected. There could be much peace and harmony on the home front. For Ox folk who might require some emotional support, this will be the place to come. Some folk may have neglected family and friends due to work, but this time this sign would be wise to redress this.

Love And Relationships

In love, this person will need to be more sociable if he is to make new friends and meet someone special. These folk tend to be very determined and hardworking people and they often judge people very quickly on a first impression. Single females are likely to be less lucky than males in romance. To enhance their luck females should wear green and male characters should wear black. Ladies could also consider wearing pearls which might also have a beneficial effect.

The Ox may find he is continually assessing and re-assessing what he desires the most this year.  He should aim to have realistic expectations and not be too disappointed if he doesn’t get his own way all of the time. He may need to learn some patience. One of his greatest gifts is his eye for detail. He should use this keen eye for good measure this year.

According to the Chinese zodiac Ox horoscope 2018 insight, for those already in partnerships, this will be the time when you may talk seriously about pregnancy. The Ox should always try to be completely open and honest in partnerships and then there is absolutely no reason why any situation cannot be sorted out satisfactorily. These men and women often like to maintain a certain degree of privacy from others and this can still be achieved even if they are more open and upfront. Such folk are generally blessed with great memories and so he is very unlikely to forget anything that has been said to him.

Employment And Job

Ox mandarin script imagePotentially this year is likely to be extremely busy and fulfilling for people born under this sign. The Ox may gain sufficient freedom to use his creative skills in the workplace and to be in charge. This will please him immensely. In the middle of the year, he should be particularly aware there are people out to stab him in the back. If he can keep a low profile at work things will be better for him there. He may need to learn to be less stubborn, more patient and to use his instincts and reflexes more efficiently. If necessary he might need to stay out of the limelight until it’s the right time for him to take control.

There could be delays in reaching targets and some difficulties in getting things done, but these people will succeed and, eventually, things will sort themselves out favourably. So long as the Ox remains focused at all times, others will notice how skilled he is. There could be an opportunity to relocate in work. This might be a management position and this may look to be a very attractive proposition. The Ox could enjoy an improved position as well as an increase in salary. This sign has a natural ambition to succeed and do well. Their family could be very proud and pleased with their achievements this year. And rightly so.

Wealth And Fiscal Success

Ox men and women will work very hard during this period according to Chinese Zodiac analysis and this could mean more money for them. They may still need to avoid making impulsive decisions where money is concerned and they should be very careful about investing money at this time. As such determined and focused hard-workers, they are bound to reap the successes this year will facilitate for them. Their lucky colours for attracting more wealth in will be blue, green and black. If they put a cup of water in their office this also could attract more wealth into their lives. They should steer clear of making any foolhardy snap decisions, especially in business since there could be one very confrontational client who could be extremely difficult and provocative towards them. They must learn to keep his cool for his own good.

There may need to be some careful budgeting but there should be money left over for travel and recreational interests. Men and women of this sign should be careful of too much self-indulgence and also impulsive spending. In this way, they can keep a careful track of their finances.

Wellbeing And Staying Healthy

In health, this Zodiac sign may be prone to viral infections like colds, headaches and flu. He should pay attention to his stomach and avoid too many late nights out partying. Also, these people should avoid consuming too many fatty and oily foods. Rather they should consume more natural foods and plenty of organic vegetables. Their energy levels will be high but they will need to optimise good health by doing the right things.

To help take care of his mental health he must ensure he has a good work/life balance and then he will be able to cope with almost anything that comes his way this year. Too much stress and strain associated with work will not be good for the Ox. If he has time for a sport this will be very beneficial for him. He could also make some good and lasting new friends.

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Chinese Dragon Horoscope 2018 Qualities And Personalities

The Chinese Zodiac Dragon person will face an uneasy and unsettled time in 2018. The Year of the Brown Earth Dog will create much hard work, more responsibility and stress for these folk. It could be a difficult period since often there is a clash between the Dog and the Dragon in the Year of the Dog. There are likely to be risks, dangers and challenges as well as a limited opportunity for financial gain and/or windfalls. There could be an opportunity for changing jobs but this would involve a lot more work and not a great deal of monetary gain.

Forecasting For Dragon Chinese Zodiac Folk

Chinese Dragon symbolThe Zodiac Dragon horoscope charts show that this could be a year when these people should simply wait patiently and bide their time until it passes. It won’t offer them the opportunities they were blessed with in the year of The Rooster (2017) However, it is an excellent time to finish things off and complete projects started from some time ago.

Dragon folk could be in danger of feeling vulnerable if too many people make too many demands on their time. This could easily happen if they don’t manage their time wisely. They should focus on their own needs this cycle. Someone close to them (whether friend, family member or even work-colleague) will be extremely loyal and offer a helping hand.

The work place could carry a feeling of uncertainty with it this year so Dragon folk would be wise to lay low and watch what happens. The family group will also be extremely important. This sign will be happiest if he keeps himself socially active and spends a lot of time with friends and family.

The female will enjoy shopping trips, browsing and short breaks away. Although 2018 is not especially favourable to these individuals, it will be less painful than the year of the Goat (2015) for them and it will allow some time for some personal relaxation which they very much need.

Dragon folk have a tendency to drive themselves very hard and they should take care to try and achieve a sensible work/life balance. Some important life changing decisions could be made which could have lasting effects in the future.

Relationships And Friendships

In social situations, these men and women are likely to feel a rise in their self-esteem and in their self-confidence. They are more likely to be ready to talk through problems, no matter how big or small. By listening carefully to others should help to eliminate minor irritations. They could also make others respect them more. Luck will come in small portions, such as this lunar cycle dictates that it should.

Dragon 2018 analysis shows that, in love, the Dragon will be likely to attract in a new soul-mate. However, they should learn to be a bit selective before jumping in head first. They may need to socialize more and join groups of people in activities they enjoy. Females should wear green to attract new people in and males should wear black. It is an extremely promising year for relationships and those who are thinking of marriage could walk up the aisle in the spring and summer months.

For those in established partnerships, there may be a few temptations around which could cause problems. What might seem like a bit of fun could actually result in a lot of damage. People of this Zodiac sign are not usually happy with short impulsive relationships, they prefer to have a steady partner. However, in this 12-month period, Dragon folk could easily succumb to inappropriate behaviour that could wreak havoc with relationships. They may succumb to a sexual advance which could devastate their personal lives.

Professional Outlook

There could be problems in work situations this year, with conflicts and hurdles to overcome. There may be difficulties in relationships with co-workers and seniors. The Dragon will need to keep a clear head to deal with everything. Speaking out of turn and/or inappropriately could be where they will need to focus to keep out of trouble. They may find they need to think very deeply in order to cope with unsettling circumstances.

2018 will mean hard work for these individuals with total engagement and focus the Chinese Dragon horoscope 2018 shows. There are unlikely to be huge financial rewards but there may be some limited recognition for what has been achieved. If the Dragon is positive he will be excited by the stimulation the year brings with it. He will certainly not be bored. There could be additional responsibilities for these people in their work during this time. These, they will take on board without too many problems.

Wealth Accumulation

Dragon folk are likely to enjoy spending money on people they care about. They may need to consciously resist urges to spend on impulse although it is likely they will be able to enjoy the money they have already saved up in the past. There is the possibility of a big loss. To increase luck with money this year, these individuals should put a cup of water in their bedrooms.

They are usually very sensible with money and able to manage it well. They are unlikely not to have sufficient money to pay all bills and outstanding debts. There is unlikely to be a big influx of money, rather a steady trickle.

Fitness Matters

These men and women are likely to feel fit and quite strong and healthy this year. They may be attracted to walking, sky diving, rock climbing and nature treks. Joining in with a group sport will lift their mood and actually be very beneficial for them. They should be advised not to overdo things otherwise by over-exercising they could be left with more aches and pains as well as pulled and strained muscles.

The Dragon person could be susceptible to a weak stomach and chest this year. They should choose food carefully and avoid over-eating. Meditation could make them feel calmer.

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Chinese Tiger Horoscope 2018 Characteristics And Forecast

The Year of The Brown Earth Dog will bring clarity for Tiger men and women. They will begin to see things in a new light. If the year of the Rooster (2017) was fairly positive for these people, then this lunar period will be even better. Tiger folk and Dog people are traditional allies in Chinese Astrology, both fine upstanding citizens and concerned with fair play, justice, high morals and values. Despite many fine qualities, these people often have a selfish streak and can be stubborn.

Overview Of Forecasting For Tiger Chinese Zodiac People

Chinese Tiger symbol imageThis year the Tiger will have a lot of support from family and friends. Communication will be free-flowing and individuals, for once, may not be quite so focused on their careers. They may be more humble and concerned with achieving a sensible work/life balance to reduce the stresses and strains of work and spend more time with loved ones.

There will be highs and lows, ups and downs but it is also a time for new beginnings and there could be some additions to the family. There will be much joy and happiness on the domestic front for Tigers despite minor disagreements and conflicts which are a normal part of family life. With a natural intelligence, willingness to compromise, gentle patience and wry sense of humour he will easily win people over to share his views.

Friendships which have lasted over long periods will be the ones the Tiger will know he can trust, although new friendships could be made which will also last the test of time.

If individuals are prepared to use tact and diplomacy, giving more thought to their words before they speak them, 2018 will bring them many gains and rewards both in their personal as well as their professional circumstances. This could be a very exciting and rewarding year.

Romantic Fortune

2018 could bring some unsettlement with it for individuals in romance, the Zodiac Tiger horoscope shows. Many could feel it’s time for a change within personal relationships. Without a doubt, it’s the right moment to talk openly and honestly to loved ones. Sexual temptations may turn the Tiger’s head but he will only stray if he is not satisfied in his current romance.

Females should dress in white and wear jade and crystal to attract a new mate. Males should wear black. There are likely to a lot of romantic encounters since individuals will make a conscious effort to hide their cynical and sarcastic side. Mates will be attracted by the kinder more sensitive Tigers. There may be a few challenges in finding a new love although it is entirely possible that males will get married this year. Many couples involved with people of this sign could move in together or get engaged.

Despite minor disagreements with partners, if Tiger individuals can keep the spark alive with a bit more spontaneity all will be well. If you are guilty of taking one another for granted, then it’s up to you to put things right and show one another how much you want to share your lives together and experience new things.

Professional Outlook

There will be definite progression for in career terms this year. 2018 will bring Tigers opportunities for advancement as well as additional income. They should be prepared to do some extensive research so they can make wise investments with the extra cash they will have in their pockets. There will be opportunities to travel and seniors will allow you to greater professional freedom so that you can work to your strengths.

Later on, things might be less agreeable. There could be some stresses and hurdles that will need all the Tiger’s tact and empathy to retain positive relationships with work colleagues and seniors. The key to success will be through good relationships although they might need to make some personal sacrifices to achieve them.

Tiger men and women will be drawn to humanitarian causes and are likely to be in great demand in this area. They may also need to be on their guard and watch for individuals who try to trick them or play games with them. To attract good luck in career, men and women should wear light brown, yellow, and orange when they are at work. By keeping a piece of jade or crystal in their place of work they may also draw in positive focus and greater concentration.

Fiscal Portents

When it comes to finances this will be a very prosperous year for men and women. There will be bonuses at work, profits made on investments and there is likely to be lots of free money available. If Tiger folk are wise, they will decide to save some of this money to make even better investments next year.

These people may become quite creative when it comes to making money during this cycle. However, their spending is likely to be impulsive and frivolous. If this trait can be curbed, these sign people will be extremely well off in the years that follow.

Wellbeing And Health

Men and would benefit from finding the right level of exercise during 2018. They need a balance between feeling completely drained and feeling they have had a good workout. Diet will be important to them, especially eating the right kinds of foods

For those Tiger’s who are prone to depression, they should stay clear of fatty foods which will upset them, but also stay away from Yin places like funerals and graveyards. Drinking peppermint tea is likely to be very beneficial for the digestive system and this will ease bloating and stomach aches. Keeping mentally stimulated as well as physically active will also be very important. Before attempting challenging physical exercise they should be sure to warm up their muscles properly.

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Chinese Snake Horoscope 2018 Summary And Outlook

This is a year in Chinese horoscope astrology when Snake 2018 men and women will benefit from taking time out to focus on themselves. It is a good time to recharge batteries and consult with inner souls to know the right direction to go in. These folk may need to finish off things they have started in previous cycles. Whereas Snakes had a rough time in the year of the Goat ( 2015) and a tough time in the year of the Monkey (2016) the Snake will gain many benefits from the year of the Brown Earth Dog. 2018 could well bring them pay raises and promotions, also many career opportunities for personal growth and development.

2018 Outlook For Snake Chinese Zodiac People

Chinese Snake astro symbol pictureZodiac Snake folk are extremely likely to turn to their friends and work colleagues for help and support in this busy period. It is also an excellent time to make new friends and enjoy a hectic social life. The danger area for these men and women is that they might become so preoccupied with work that they could find it hard to make time for family. This is likely to cause niggles and minor irritations. It will be very important for folk to find time to relax and time spent with family is actually very important for them.

Men and women born under the sign of the Snake should not neglect loved ones. Despite hidden traits like cunning, and deceit, people can also be very determined, ambitious and wise.  There is much positivity around them, though it might be really difficult to juggle busy schedules to fit everything in. Retail therapy and travel are highlighted as being pleasant and enjoyable experiences for individuals this year.

There could be lots of fun and adventures for Snake men and women although they may need to be careful of what they say. Their words often get them into trouble. Important life-changing decisions could be made and these individuals are likely to improve their social lives and make a lot of new friends.

Discipline, loyalty and power of the mind are likely to be the strongest guiding factors for this sign this year. Snake folk could experience a rise in their self-confidence and in their self-esteem. They could also feel more emotional and act spontaneously. Romantic relationships are highlighted very favourably.


Partnerships are highly favoured in my 2018 Chinese horoscope and men and women should feel less confused and more confident in themselves and in the art of love-making. For those who are married or in long-term partnerships, there could a deeper level of commitment between you both, providing they resist the temptation to stray. Sexual relations can become more exciting and passionate for those who behave accordingly. Some folk could get married. It is an excellent time to conceive and make plans for the future.

For the singleton, if you want to attract new love into your life, women should wear black and men should wear white. This will help to facilitate a real sense of release from the negativity of the past. The individual male or female is likely to be quite determined in love this year when he or she meets the right person. What is more, he or she will know instinctively what they want and what they don’t according to the Chinese Zodiac snake horoscope for this cycle.

The Job

Chinese script for the Snake letterIn their career, these people are likely to benefit from their impulsive natures as well as their creative skills. They may act spontaneously guided by strong intuition. This will work very much in their favour. There will be deep satisfaction in work and good rewards for work well done. Some targets may be hard to meet, but the Snake can be shrewd as well as canny and he will find different ways to cope.

Some could change direction completely and embark on new careers. Bosses and seniors will be very impressed with their dedication to duty and their determination to succeed in this lunar period. They might hear their names being mentioned for high recommendations and rewards. There could be more responsibilities for Snake folk and more personal control. Work colleagues will be impressed by this enthusiasm and considerable ability to get the job done.

Money Matters

Finances are highlighted very positively this year. There will be enough money to cover all bills and outstanding debts with plenty left over to spare. There will be opportunities for investments and smooth business transactions. To attract more wealth put a piece of crystal on the north west side of your home.

It is entirely probable that these people will have saved up money in the past, therefore they will be able to enjoy spending some of it. Fun and frivolity are also highlighted in my financial Chinese horoscope for this sign. A luxurious item could give much pleasure and enjoyment to these people. There may be some impulsive spending too. Watch out for an unexpected expense which could appear in the summer months.

Although men and women will enjoy good health, they may also be subject to unwanted weight gain. They will be full of energy at the beginning of the year but this could dwindle as the 12 months move on. There are likely to be small bouts of depression and anxiety which could result in sleep deprivation.

Fitness Outlook

The Snake may be attracted by outdoor pursuits like orienteering and nature trekking. This will be very beneficial to his constitution. They should avoid over-strenuous routines and try not to over-eat. They should also be careful of consuming too many sugary products.

An educated look at their diet will do no harm since they may need to make some changes and eat more of the right kinds of foods and less of the junk foods. Snake men and women should avoid eating too many processed meals this year. They may cause themselves minor injuries and other aches and pains if they over-exercise.

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Chinese Rooster Horoscope 2018 Personality And Character

The Year of the Brown Earth Dog 2018 in Chinese astrology could facilitate so many changes for Rooster men and women that, at times, it could all become somewhat confusing for them. On the bright side, there will be lots of people around to help folk cope with change and these proud, confident and intelligent people will be very glad of their assistance.

Insight For Rooster Chinese Zodiac Individuals

Chinese Rooster symbology imageThe pace of life is likely to be very hectic and you will be very busy. The Rooster may have to be more humble in this lunar new year cycle. There is a tendency in these people towards nervous disorders. Luckily family and friends will offer their loyal and unstinting support in the strains brought on by overly busy work schedule.

Life won’t be perfect for Rooster individuals, but that is not a bad thing. Providing they work hard and stayed focused there will be some excellent opportunities for them to take. They may need to keep a careful eye on their finances, for one thing otherwise there could be quite serious financial losses. This sign may find family members irritating and may have to restrain from being overly critical. Normally optimistic in outlook the Rooster may need to take a step back this horoscope year and focus on what is really important. In being highly critical of others, they will be unlikely to make any headway.

Domestic Situation

Rooster folk should be anxious not to upset their family, especially when they offer so much help, support and comfort. He may experience some setbacks his year but on balance will realise he has much to celebrate and be grateful for.


The Rooster Chinese Zodiac analysis indicates that In affairs of the heart, these men and women are likely to experience changes, mostly for the better. For those who are single, they are destined to meet a compatible other and for those who are engaged, they could easily get married. For the married and longer standing partnerships, there will be greater caring and sharing and your feelings will develop onto a higher emotional plane. It will be an endearing state of affairs to see the Rooster and his mate renewing their faith and love for each other.

Ladies should wear red to enhance their luck in the dating game and men should wear black. Many single folks could experience meeting someone new where the feelings are instant and ‘love at first sight’ happens. Certainly, there will be mutual butterflies and eager anticipation. Ladies are likely to be extremely successful in dating whereas the males may have to wait a bit longer before their luck turns good.

All personal relationships will change in some way and the Rooster will benefit profoundly in the longer term though he might not realise it in the shorter term. Horoscope 2018 indicators imply that this sign is likely to forge very strong bonds with family members but they may struggle to be respectful to older members. Communication will be key to maintaining harmonious family relationships with everyone.

If the Rooster gets upset by the smaller things in life he would be wise to speak up. It is a really good year for getting other folks to listen. These individuals will benefit from really listening to others too. Youngsters could make them angry but if they learn patience, things will resolve themselves in a more agreeable and quicker way.


Chinese Zodiac Rooster horoscope insight reveals that In the career of these people, the pace of work is likely to be slower than usual and there will be a lot of mundane and repetitive tasks to be done. Bosses will only notice Rooster folk who are friendly and personable at all times. He may get bored but he would be unwise to show this. Work will become more challenging as time passes.

As the year progresses, they could change their jobs or even relocate. To get a pay rise, they will need to speak up with eloquence and fight for their rights. Interpersonal relationships should be cultivated to help them succeed. Team work will be more important and the Rooster should avoid stepping on the toes of other folks. Greater collaborative skills will enhance the chances to achieve a promotion.

As new responsibilities are offered to Roosters they may need people to help solve problems and help them reach their targets. Standing still is not an option for these individuals and bosses will be impressed by the trustworthiness and professionalism they see.

Fiscal Matters

Chinese letter symbol for the Rooster or ChickenRooster folk will need to be patient with their finances. There could be some significant monetary gains for them through renting property, or even sub-letting it. They should be careful not to overspend on things they don’t really need.

If this sign is tempted to overspend, they should curb this tendency. They may need to scan all details to ensure they make very considered investments. If they wear green and yellow they may be able to attract more financial luck in.

Keeping a tight hold of the purse strings will enable Roosters to meet any unexpected or unplanned for expenditure this 12-month period. This could come through younger family members putting fiscal pressures on them.

Providing Roosters work strongly and plan scrupulously, conserving funs where appropriate all should be well. Those seeking to make money through business should make sure they have sufficient capital to make a deal viable.


Rooster horoscope 2018 charts show that men and women should have a really healthy year in 2018. They should take care they don’t overdo things in the gym or engage in too much exercise. The best to play things will be to behave with moderation.

Roosters tend to consider themselves most fulfilled when they are busy, so this is why exercise makes them feel good. There could be a few minor ailments to do with the digestive system so these folk would be wise to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables. Also getting sufficient sleep will be a must.

Overall their health and fitness diagnosis is extremely promising. They should also acknowledge that spending relaxing time with friends and family is actually very good for them.

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