Rooster Horoscope 2017 – Lunar Period Study

Zodiac Rooster Oriental SignFor the Rooster, the zodiac cycle of 2017 will be significant in many ways. He may feel more in control of his future, though the pace of change will be slower than he is expecting and he may feel impatient and frustrated. Many folks born under this sign will make a point of cleaning their houses from top to bottom in a bid to de-clutter, get rid of the old and make way for the new.

This is a lunar cycle when these people will embrace changes and welcome in new practices. There could be some minor disturbances in family relationships which may cause them to be concerned about their own situations. These people may have to make some adjustments on the domestic front to care for an elderly person within the family. It will be very important that all family members are consulted and listened to should this occur or else there could be negativity in the form of resentment and unhappiness.

These men and women know they are uniquely talented people and their personal interests and hobbies will bring them much pleasure during this time. Being naturally keen and with a curious and enquiring nature this sign will get completely absorbed in his personal interests and this will provide a balance for his busy working life.

This is potentially a period when Rooster people will step outside their comfort zones and seek out new people to connect with. Many of these people are likely to be younger than the individual himself but he will be effective in bringing like-minded people together. His organisational skills are first class.

The man will find his friends and family very supportive and domestically his input and activity will be very much appreciated. This year will not be at all dull and his energy levels will be high for most of the time my Chinese Rooster horoscope 2017 insight reveals to me.

In love, these people will be lucky. Those who are in established friendships could find that these will develop into more serious relationships. Any person looking for love will find it. For those already married, there could be some major changes, for example, a new baby, a home extension or a house move. Established partnerships are highly favoured this and together you will make important life-changing decisions.

The person of this zodiac sign is likely to be very selective about the social events he attends and sometimes could choose to keep his own company. Those who do socialise more will find that the months of April, May, June, July, August and September are very favourable for them. Some folk could meet their future partners during this annual cycle. It is forecast to be an enjoyable period where the Rooster can grow and make good use of his many talents.

Men and women will be keen to advance their careers during this cycle and there will be many opportunities to do this. Good experience and strong reputations will enhance their career prospects considerably.

Rooster Horoscope 2017 Summary Notes

In the year of the Rooster, some folk may start new businesses. Some could find new jobs and/or achieve promotion. There will be movement whichever course the individual decides to take. The best work opportunities are likely to be in the months of March, April, May, August and November. Interesting developments could take place at any time so this individual should prepare for the unexpected. Many new contacts will be made and this person will thrive in his or her employment.

There could be demands on the domestic front to care for an elderly relative. This would mean that some people may contemplate working from home. In any decisions that are made, I would advise open and honest communication with the rest of the family members.

The financial affairs of these people will be favoured during this cycle. There will be good earnings coming in and many folks of this sign may supplement these earnings with additional income from freelance work. Sometimes he may not always put money to the best use possible, so careful monitoring of finances could be helpful to ensure there is not so much wastage.Chinese Rooster Horoscope 2017 zodiac letter

Some zodiac Roosters are notorious for being spendthrifts and he or she may need to keep a tighter control on his outgoings. If these men and women are in a full-time study programme, they will secure part-time employment to supplement their incomes. Student loans are notorious for not covering every expense and the Rooster student will have to work hard to make ends meet.

Towards the end of this Chinese lunar cycle, there could be some financial opportunities to save more money and this will soon mount up. The Rooster should not become obsessed with making money or this could destroy his good work/ life balance.

Chinese Rooster horoscope 2017 charts reveal that these folk are likely to have high energy levels over coming months and will give out good vibes to others in their company. They are normally quite health-conscious individuals and may be inclined to try out new therapies which will help fine-tune minds, bodies and souls. It is important that this sign’s people get sufficient sleep and eat a moderate and nutritious diet.

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