Pig Horoscope 2017 – New Lunar Analysis

Pig Zodiac SymbolThis is probably going to be a very exciting zodiac year for Pig men and women my Chinese Pig horoscope 2017 study reveals. Many of them could fall deeply in love after a chance meeting. If there have been disappointments in love in the past, this year will bring a transformation of circumstances. There look to be ups and downs in family life where older children may move in or out of the family home. Certainly, these individuals will have to make some major adjustments in their domestic arrangements.

The social circle and family will be exceptionally supportive, understanding and loyal in zodiac 2017. There could be a reunion which cements friendships that have already lasted over many years. In close relationships, This Zodiac Sign must avoid being overly jealous or possessive since this could sour relations with the person he loves the most. Pig folk highly value the love and support they share with their partners and special times should be set aside to enjoy this regardless of the demands of work.

For married people, my analysis indicates a very passionate year. There will be good communication as well as lots of sexual passion. If you open up discussions you may find the conversation will turn to the subject of extending the family. There are also likely to be other domestic celebrations this year; possibly an engagement, a marriage or a birth.

Although these individuals may dislike awkward social scenes they must be willing to address controversial issues and tackle head on any problems that arise this cycle. Even minor disagreements won’t overshadow the positivity this lunar new year will bring to these individuals.

Chinese Pig Horoscope Forecast For 2017

The single person will enjoy life tremendously, my Pig horoscope 2017 indicators suggest. There will be lots of invitations to parties and social gatherings. Work may also lead to social events which this person will very much enjoy. The most promising months for encountering new people are likely to be March, April, May, June, July and August. He may need to widen his social circles to find love, but there is already someone waiting. In pursuing personal interest and hobbies, Pig people could also find a special love, the soul mate of their dreams. There is likely to be an instant recognition between the two of you and a sizzling sexual chemistry.

Work could be problematic since there will be long hours and these men and women may be required to work overtime as well. Of course, there will be generous financial rewards for all this endeavour, but the long hours could take their toll. There might be a review of their current work positions and more responsibilities could be offered. Good contacts will help as well as good references. This person needs to learn how to co-operate with work colleagues and bosses. The pace of work may stress him out and drive him too hard but he would be unwise to express too much of his displeasure openly.Chinese Pig Horoscope 2017 Oriental Symbol

There could easily be a rise in salary but Chinese Pig people might have to negotiate the figures themselves. So long as men and women are not greedy, all will be well. They should take advantages of any training opportunities offered to them this period since they will improve their prospects for the future. Hard work is in my Chinese astrological forecast for 2017. The months of February, March, April and November are significant for Pig sign people in work developments.

Zodiac Pig sign folk may have some heavy expenses ahead and they are advised to avoid relying too heavily on credit cards or personal loans. There will be rises in income and these men and women could benefit from money coming in from other sources too. They should take care to put aside some funds for a rainy day. He must also save for holidays and other sizeable purchases which he can easily afford providing he saves on a regular basis.

I would advise Pig folk to be very cautious of investing in this annual cycle. There could be a very persuasive salesperson who might give bad counsel in money matters. The Pig should try hard to resist the urge to spend on frivolous things he has no need of.

The Chinese Pig horoscope 2017 charts show these folk will enjoy good health and they will be mentally strong. There could be benefits to be had from focused sessions in the gym. Also, I would recommend a healthy diet with small nutritious meals. They should beware of consuming too much alcohol. To avoid stress they should be sure to get enough sleep and not worry about the stresses of the day. Relaxation with family and friends will help towards a good work/life balance. Overall the year is a very positive one for Pig characters and he will enjoy the love of friends, family and the very special ones in his life.

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