Ox Horoscope 2017 – New Year Lunar Study

Chinese Ox Zodiac Star SymbolThis zodiac cycle will bring method and order for this sign, my Chinese Ox horoscope 2017 forecast reveals. As the cycle progresses, this person will feel more in control of his life and able to follow through his carefully laid plans. This year is all about acting and achieving. He will be very focused on his career and his earning capability. He will be extremely serious about working hard and doing well.

Time spent with family and friends may be limited due to the busy work schedules of these individuals. The Ox will need time to relax and enjoy life as well as focusing so heavily on work. He should look to his health or he could become exhausted. He may need to lighten up, not be so stubborn and listen to the people around him who care about him.

These folk have made good progress in work in previous years though maybe they have not gone in the direction they wanted to. This year these individuals will be able to progress and divert their skills in the direction of their own choosing. This sign could be given additional responsibilities this year which will please him enormously. With persistence and determination, the Ox will do well in employment and take on more duties that appeal to them rather than being directed by others about what they should do. The best months for significant developments in work will be March, April, May, June and October.

This year the Ox Chinese zodiac (Sheng xiao in the native language) individual may opt for further training courses to enhance his skill set and enable him to keep up with a fast-moving job market. They should be able to use their creative skills, introducing new initiatives, despite feeling a bit nervous at first. If he or she does feel shy talking to seniors, they should work on self-confidence and self-esteem.

If the pace of work is too much, these folk should try not to lose sleep worrying over small details. They should off-load to friends and family who will be extremely supportive and comforting. The bigger picture is more important than minutia. There are likely to be big financial rewards for Ox people and no one in authority would guess they sometimes have serious doubts about their considerable abilities and talents.

The love life of these folk is likely to be steady and uncontroversial. Those who are in relationships will need to learn more patience with their partner’s foibles. This sign is likely to enjoy many outings and weekends away with his partner. There will be lots of compassion, caring and intimate moments between the two of you.

Ox Horoscope Chinese Fortunes In 2017

My Ox Horoscope 2017 study tells me this is not an ideal time to be planning a family since minds will be mostly focused on work and career development. Partners may need to understand what drives him this year and give him the support he needs in his endeavours to rise through the ranks and do well.

The single person may need to work on his or her self-image and self-confidence with the opposite sex this year. He may need to be a bit more light-hearted and not so serious in order to attract a mate. This man or woman is very selective when he chooses a partner and he could easily make contact with someone special through attending social events which he enjoys. A special friendship could develop into something more meaningful which will grow stronger and stronger over time. This sign’s personal life could be completely turned around, but it will be a gradual transition. The best period for romantic developments is the last quarter of the year, but also the months of April, May and June are significant.Chinese Ox Horoscope 2017 Asian Letter

Finances may preoccupy thinking and he could be attracted to saving more than he does currently. He should be careful of losses and over-committing himself. It is important that this individual scrutinises the small print in any financial paperwork he is involved with.

This is not a zodiac period for speculating or taking risks. If saving has been a bit erratic, it will stabilise this horoscope year of 2017 and this sign will begin to put away small amounts each month without dipping into the growing funds. He may have to give one his family members some financial help during the summer months.

Providing he or she maintains close ties with the family unit, they will be much appreciated and maintain a reasonable work/life balance. They should be careful of not getting over-tired when under pressure and being snappy and irritable with close family and friends who are there to help.

The health of this sign will be variable this year. Energy levels will rise and fall. They must watch for the signs of exhaustion. Establishing a regular, moderate exercise regime will help him enormously otherwise there could be unwanted weight gain. This sign should try to avoid sugary snacks to supplement his falling energy levels my Chinese Ox horoscope 2017 study shows. Rather he should choose fresh fruit and vegetables. He must ensure a regular daily skin cleansing ritual if he is to avoid unwanted outbreaks of unsightly spots.

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