Monkey Horoscope 2017 – New Lunar Year Study

Zodiac Monkey Chinese SymbolMy Chinese Monkey horoscope 2017 indicates that this cycle will bring good fortune and opportunity for these people – providing they put themselves forward with genuine commitment and serious intent. Travel is well aspected and there are indications there might be some memorable family holidays.

This will be a very happy horoscope year and these individuals may well enjoy many social gatherings with those close to them. Bonds with youngsters are going to be very strong indeed. Self-confidence in these folks will be high and people around them will find them engaging and clear thinking. This zodiac sign’s ability to empathise with people is likely to be very useful this year which will further endear them to others.

In love, the person born under this sign will be lucky since this is the perfect year for relationships to grow, develop and blossom. Men and women may feel impatience since this cycle will feel rather slow moving for them; however, my Chinese horoscope suggests that friendships and partnerships will deepen gradually and move to a new level of commitment over time.

I would encourage these people to take extra care when making major decisions. It could very well be an especially social year for Monkey people and there will be plenty of opportunities to make new friends. March, May, September and December are the months when this is most likely to happen.

Those individuals who are already dating could start to take things more seriously and begin building solid foundations for the future. This is a fine time for lasting commitment in romantic relationships.

For married couples, the year of 2017 will strengthen the desire to start planning for a pregnancy. This is a highly favourable timeframe for a new birth. These folk may want to expand their opportunities in both romantic and creative areas in the coming cycle.

Chinese Monkey In 2017

For men and women, there could be many opportunities in the workplace to succeed and use their considerable talents. This is a personally rewarding period for the Monkey character. By following up training opportunities and personal study, these individuals can generate even more opportunities for himself. Many people will remain with their current employer for their reputation and in-house knowledge will serve them well. For those who want something different, this year could easily bring a new job. This person must be prepared to persist and not give up. Their experience will serve them well with prospective employers. For work, the months of April, June, September and October could all facilitate changes the Monkey wants.

There are also signs of prosperity to come in my analysis for this Chinese zodiac sign’s people. Some could over-achieve this horoscope year since they are working so hard. While work will be stressful, the Monkey will be more than capable of taking everything in his stride. The dynamism and optimism with positivity are trademarks of the Monkey character.Chinese Monkey Horoscope 2017 Zodiac Letter

These men and women may need to keep a careful watch over finances for there will be many plans they will want to carry out that could cause additional expense. It is a time to manage and maximise personal and financial resources. They will need to practise good discipline and careful money management in 2017. Any form of financial speculation is inadvisable this year. This sign may need to be on his guard against dodgy financial deals. There could be a small windfall in 2017, a lucky win, an inheritance which will put some spare money in the pockets of Monkey folk.

These people, despite their financial luck, should still keep a close eye on credit cards and avoid taking out personal loans. It is vital they being to build up saving for unexpected bills. If a debt has been a problem in the past, then this zodiac sign should be very careful to not to over-extend himself. This sign should watch out for very persuasive sales people and keep a grounded approach at all times.

The energy levels of these people could rise and fall during this year and these individuals are advised to consider very carefully regarding overly rigorous exercise and pushing themselves to the limit. While these folk thrive in relationships and social activities, they could find themselves lacking their usual sparkle and drive due to lack of sleep and rest, poor nutrition, irregular meals and minimal exercise. It will be really important to eat the right foods and not become lazy in the kitchen with ready-meals and highly processed foods. This might potentially cause minor ailments. The Monkey chinese zodiac person will need to conduct life at a steady pace and achieve a good work/life balance. Being on the go all the time is not advisable over this period. I recommend Yoga and any form of meditation or mindfulness for these folk in the Lunar year 2017.

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