Dragon Horoscope 2017 – New Lunar Cycle Study

Zodiac Dragon Chinese SignThe 2017 cycle will bring exciting times for Dragon people, being full of opportunities, excellent prospects and heaps of good fortune. The self-confidence of these folk will be at a premium and they will know instinctively how to make the best choices and the wisest decisions. Their experience and innate wisdom will empower them, my Chinese Dragon horoscope 2017 insight tells me.

Learning how to stabilise the most impulsive side of their nature will be a big part of this success. This will lead to harmonious relationships with friends, family, work colleagues and even new acquaintances. Dragon individuals will appreciate the practical assistance and moral support given to them by family and friends, this year, deriving much pleasure, enjoyment and satisfaction from completing domestic projects that will enhance their homes. If they do embark on such enterprises, the end result will be awe-inspiring and the talk of many.

Dragon Chinese zodiac men and women, my astrology chart analysis tells me, will find love, if they are looking for it this year, most likely through hobbies and/ or shared interests. It is an excellent year for proposing marriage and for those who are already married, there will be lots of passion and understanding between you. A new baby could either be conceived or born this year.

As well as embarking on new adventures, new enterprises and new experiences in the 2017 period, these men and women need to watch that they don’t get completely exhausted and drained. Despite their amazing stamina, Dragon folk will need to take extra care they don’t overdo things and seek out plenty of relaxation to balance things.

In love, this Lunar cycle will bring these men and women happiness and success. They will be in great demand socially and very attractive to others. Men will have adopted a more measured approach in their pursuit of females and this will open up lines of communication and lead to relationships not built solely on flamboyant and passionate advances. The most encouraging months for relationships are April, July, August and September. Females will feel able to express their deepest thoughts and sensitivities to prospective partners and this will lead to better understanding of needs as well as to mutual respect. My Chinese zodiac analysis suggests that for Dragon people, all relationships will be built on solid foundations in this lunar year and they will, therefore, be long lasting and happy.

Chinese Dragon Zodiac Influences

This could be the year when people of this sign change jobs, even though there may be a few disappointments to contend with at first. Dragon folk are gifted with persistence and will not give up until they secure exactly what they want. Being naturally ambitious and determined to succeed, they will be preoccupied with their career progression and ways to make more money. They are likely to enter new partnerships which will be very beneficial and they are also likely to show more compassion and kindness to other people in the process. For those who are already in settled employment, there could be offers of an increased role with salary to match. The most auspicious months for this will be March, April, May or November.

There is a strong possibility that Dragon men and women could be drawn to work with youngsters who are disadvantaged. This work would prove extremely rewarding and engaging, although I would not advise giving up one job before you have secured another one.Chinese Dragon Horoscope 2017 Zodiac Symbol

My Chinese Dragon monthly horoscope 2017 informs us that finances may need extra scrutiny this lunar year. There could be a tendency to overspend and make rash decisions, forgetting there are still regular monthly outgoings to be funded. Saving some money in advance for bigger purchases is the best plan. Learning to be inventive and finding new ways to budget could also be one of the challenges faced this year. Travel is especially well-aspected and the Dragon will enjoy excursions away, whether short-term or longer term. Travel may be an unforeseen expense, but the Dragon will be canny enough to find the funds somehow without additional borrowing.

While this zodiac sign’s people are usually fit and generally healthy, with enquiring minds and eager natures, this year they may need to watch their tendency to overdo things. They have good powers of recovery and heal well, but this year could be particularly tiring and taxing for them and they may require more sleep and more relaxing and rest, particularly at weekends. They are likely to be more prone to minor colds and doses of flu, so I would recommend plenty of fluids. When they take exercise, they must try not to be too intense since the person born under this sign can be prone to pulled muscles and other minor sports injuries.


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